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Notices: Temporary Closure - Kingsley Place Car Park

The Kingsley Place car park will close temporarily from Monday 22 May 2017. The car park will be closed for six to twelv

Notices: Car park closure - Balmain Lane

Balmain Lane car park will be partially closed on Wednesday 10 May due to work on the NBN project.

Notices: Carpark closure - Law

Carpark at Law on Fellows Lane shall be closed from 5pm on Monday 10 April for removal of trees commencing Tuesday 11 Ap

Notices: Carpark closure - Law Tennis Courts

Carpark at Menzies Library/Law Tennis Courts shall be closed from 5pm on Sunday 12 April for removal of trees commencing

Notices: Carpark closure - NCI

Carpark near NCI shall be closed from 5pm on Thursday 6 April for removal of trees commencing Friday 7 April.

Notices: New Shared Path

A new shared path has been constructed between University Avenue and the Beryl Rawson (#13) building. This will allow fo

Notices: Carpark closure - Old Admin Area

Please note that the temporary car park where the Old Admin Area used to be (between Menzies Library and the College of

Notices: Fenner Hall - road re-marking

The road markings at the Fenner Hall (210 Northbourne Avenue, Braddon) will be re-marked, weather permitting on 3 and 4

Notices: Change to parking - Old Admin Area

The temporary car park in the Old Admin Area will close to Paid Parking users from Friday 24 March 2017.

Notices: Menzies Library - Rear of Building Carpark Closure

Menzies Library (Building No 2) ‘rear carpark’ (immediately at the rear of the building), will be closed at the close of

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