University Services Feedback

University Services Feedback is a new streamlined process to encourage feedback on any service at ANU through a quick and easy form. This project was launched by the Vice-Chancellor on 31 January 2018 and is an important part of our commitment to continuous improvement. The benefits of this new process include:

  • One-stop-shop to easily provide feedback on any service, at any time, from anywhere via the eForms portal.
  • Increased accountability on service providers at ANU to ensure staff and students feel heard and are responded to in a timely and considered manner.
  • Transparent reporting to identify themes and trends to inform the ongoing process of improving the service culture at ANU.

Feedback may include compliments, complaints and new ideas or suggestions. Submissions provide the University an insight into the service experience of the community and contribute to a culture of continuous improvement.  

Submitting feedback

University feedback buttons have been embedded prominently throughout University services webpages. To submit feedback, click on any of the University feedback buttons, enter eForm login details, complete form prompts, and click on the submit feedback button. Once submitted, a notification will be sent to the feedback submitter and the responsible service lead for action. For additional steps following submission, please refer to the process flowchart below.

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