Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services provides services and infrastructure to support and enhance teaching, learning, research and administration.

Information Technology Services (ITS) is transforming current IT business practice at ANU from one which is characterised by a legacy of disparate and organically developed architectures and processes, to a scaled, collaborative model that enables organisational efficiencies and consistent service delivery.

To deliver this change, ITS has developed a number of strategies, plans and objectives including the Operational Plan and ITS sub-Reconciliation Action Plan.

ITS governance processes include a number of policies and audits that assist in the management of IT security and the use of the University's Information Infrastructure and Services (IIS) including risk; business continuity; data protection and security; infrastructure security, and the procurement and disposal of data and equipment.

Several committees and regular forums, some internal to ITS and others University-wide, have been put in place by ITS to discuss and implement strategic and operational plans.

ANU IT staff are encouraged to use the preferred Information Technology (IT) associations as regular resources for their professional development.

Our teams & contacts


Contact details
ANU Service Desk 
Phone +61 2 612 54321
Audio visual services 
Information Commons Liaison 
IT Security 
Phone +61 2 6125 6333
ITS - Class Allocation 
ITS Change Management 
ITS Project Delivery and Engagement 


Contact details
Jonathan Churchill 
Chief Information Officer
Phone +61 6125 1772
Phil Drury 
(Acting) Associate Director, Service Delivery
Phone +61 2 6125 4166
Dr April Weiss 
Associate Director, Application Services
Phone +61 2 612 53300
Lucy Boom 
Associate Director, Project Delivery and Engagement
Phone +61 2 612 53645
Helen Duke 
Associate Director, Infrastructure Services
Phone +61 2 612 51772
Marty Essers 
Project Manager
Fred Etter 
Project Manager
Phone 0418 208 172
Luke Maidens 
Project Manager
Phone 0435 108 584
Ms Georgina Mayne 
Project Manager
Phone 0407 209 022
Sachin Ramnani 
Project Manager
Phone 0452 627 223