China Liaison Office

The ANU China Liaison Office is based in Beijing, and facilitates the development of research and education partnerships in China. The ANU China Liaison Office (CLO) supports and enhances the university’s relationships in China across institutional partnerships, research collaboration, mobility and exchange and alumni engagement, and strategic partnerships with China’s top universities.

The CLO will serve as a hub for ANU’s engagement with China across multiple fronts. The CLO will provide a holistic service to the university linking several different China-related functions in creative ways to deliver outcomes in research collaboration, diversifying student recruitment, alumni relations, student mobility and government/industry partnerships. Key strategic objectives include:

  • Supporting strategic China initiatives and engagement from across the ANU including from International Strategy and Partnerships, Alumni Relations, Student Services, and the colleges
  • building relationships with industry to drive internship and employment opportunities for ANU students and graduates
  • significantly raising the ANU profile and brand in China through a coordinated brand and social media strategy for the university
  • conducting research and relationship management to identify diverse student pathways, research collaboration/funding/commercialisation opportunities and scholarships.


ANU China Liaison Office
Room 809, E1 Tower, No. 1 East Chang’An Avenue
Dongcheng District, Beijing, CHINA 100005

Our teams & contacts


Contact details
Nancy Yu 
Director, China Liaison Office
Phone +86 10 8518 8196
Samantha Bi 
Recruitment and Marketing Officer (Future Student Team)
Phone +86 10 8518 1602
Lin Bo 
Marketing & PR Officer
Phone +86 10 8518 1269
Sunny Li 
Student Engagement Manager
Phone +86 10 8518 1269, +86 153 1113 2765
Amy Lin 
Operation & Marketing Manager
Phone +86 10 8518 1269
Joanna Tan 
Regional Manager, China (Future Student Team)
Phone +86 10 8518 1602, +86 166 0127 1811
Kunshan Wang 
Project Manager, College of Engineering & Computer Science
Vera Wang 
Strategic Partnership Officer
Phone +86 10 8518 1269
Wendy Wang 
Operations Manager, ANU Shanghai Study Hub
Phone +86 19542709169
Jessie Zhao 
China Employability & Industry Liaison Officer, ANU College of Business & Economics
Phone +86 10 8518 1602