End of Year Checklist for ANU staff

19 December 2023

Before we all leave campus for the holiday break, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Clean out the fridge and remove perishable items from the kitchen;
  • Please remove any food from the office and check that any internal bins are emptied;
  • Take home any personal items from your office or locker, including any plants you have brought from home; 
  • Securely store any sensitive or confidential documents; 
  • Ensure all portable electronic devices (laptops, phones, etc) are safely stored in a secure location;
  • Turn off computers and other electronics at the wall and turn off the lights to save power;  
  • Ensure windows and doors are closed and locked;  
  • Make sure that any leave (where relevant) is booked and approved by your supervisor;
  • For supervisors, or those who are in approval lines, please transfer your delegation for the period you are on leave. (Go to HORUS -> ANU Delegations)
  • Set up an out-of-office notice on your email and voicemail;
  • Please ensure your emergency contact information is up-to-date in HORUS. 

If you need support during the holiday season, please utilise the following counselling and advisory services available for ANU staff members and their immediate families under the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). 

Choose from:   

  • Assure – 1800 808 374 (24/7 crisis hotline)
  • Relationships Australia – 02 6122 7100  
  • Lifeline Canberra – 13 11 14 (24/7 care). Please also utilise Lifeline Canberra if other services are disrupted during the end of year closure.  

For more support services, please visit ANU Mental Health Resources. 

Urgent communications during the shutdown will be provided through two channels listed below. Please make sure you are contactable during this period using the below systems: 

ANUOK App – download the app and turn on push notifications. 

Emergency Contact Details – make sure your mobile number listed in HORUS is up to date in case we need to use it. 

The ANU Sustainability team have created a detailed check-list below to help conserve energy over the University shutdown.





Switch off electronics:


Computers, monitors

Televisions, digital displays      
AV Equipment, projectors      
Printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines      
Power strips      
Unplug appliances when not in use:      
Space heaters      
Small fridges       
Coffee makers      
Turn off lights: offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, common areas, restrooms       
Close windows and blinds      
Turn off all non-essential lab equipment (suggested list below)      
Tightly turn off faucets, and report leaks to the Building Maintenance office or through ANUOK Fix My Campus      
Water plants or bring them home with you if taking an extended break                                                                                                

Are there items at home you can “power down” over the break? 

Whether at home or on campus, these small steps create a more sustainable and healthy future. 


List of potential non-essential lab equipment




Empty fridges/freezers/cold rooms


Growth chambers

Compressors and pumps      
Hotplates/heater blocks      
Water baths/circulation chillers      
Water purification equipment      
Personal bench top equipment      
Other (e.g. Microscopes)      


New Year Resolutions 

As we head to a new year, many of us reflect on our priorities for the year ahead. This commitment and early action creates space for new habits that improve outcomes for ourselves, our communities and our planet. Where can you add sustainable action into your life in 2024? 

Already doing all these things? Are there other ways you can be more sustainable? 

Share your insights with the ANU Community on the ANU Green Network page or email us so we can share your clever ideas. 

You can download the End of year checklist for ANU Staff.