Campus development

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ANU College of Law

ANU College of Law Refurbishment - Building 5/6/7

The ANU College of Law currently occupies a collection of joined buildings set around the Law Courtyard. The Entrance to the College and...
CECS\MSI (Building 145)

Computer Science/Mathematical Sciences Institute - Building 145

The 10,000 sqm six story building Development Application has been approved and construction is well underway. The external Project Manager,...
Development of a new facility for the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences

Development of a new facility for the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences

Invitation for Public Comment Development of a New Facility for the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences Ellery Crescent, ANU Acton Campus, ACT...
Electricity Infrastructure – Bulk Supply point

Electricity Infrastructure – Bulk Supply point

This project establishes a temporary electricity bulk supply point on the north-west corner of the Acton campus. The electricity bulk supply point is...

Electricity Reduction

The Electricity Reduction Initiative targets the top fifty highest energy consuming buildings for energy efficiency projects over the next two years...

Functions on Campus

What are we trying to achieve? The Functions on Campus project will streamline, simplify, standardise and digitalise the current paper-based process...
Goodstart Early Learning Centre construction

Goodstart Early Learing Centre

The construction of a new Goodstart Early Learning Centre, adjacent to Willows Oval, will be underway from 7 December 2016 with completion expected...
H.C. Coombs Building

H.C. Coombs Building Refurbishment - Building 8

The rings of the 1960’s era Coombs Building and staff and students walking in one door and never coming out the same door are legendary. The H.C....
R.N Robertson main entrance

R.N Robertson refurbishment - Building 46

New facilities for the Research School of Biology and Fenner School of Environment and Society within the R.N Robertson Building.
Research School of PHysical Sciences (RSPE)

Research School of Physical Sciences (RSPE) Redevelopment

RSPE is currently housed in a collection of buildings of varying ages and fitness for purpose at the southern eastern edge of the Acton campus and...