University Experience

ANU University Experience Division is within the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student and University Experience) Portfolio.

The University Experience Division’s key roles are:

  • Supporting students in the creation of an inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible environment.
  • Working collaboratively with the wider University to implement wide ranging strategic initiatives and programs.
  • Enhance the quality of the student experience by providing high quality student services.
  • Ensure strong student access and equity policies and procedures, including effective interaction with Student Associations, student representatives and the wide university community.

Our teams

The Student Life team supports student success through co-designed programs, activities and support that enhance leadership development, diversity and inclusion, and community engagement.

The Student Safety and Wellbeing team coordinate support to the ANU community through a Nurse Practitioner and experienced Case Managers with backgrounds in health (mental health nursing), social work, human services and counselling.

The Respectful Relationships Unit enables ANU communities draw on internal assets to disrupt the systems and cultures that drive sexual violence; finding new and creative ways of working, studying and living together where safety, respect and inclusion at the heart of local community and organisational life.

The Medical Centre provides health and wellness through a comprehensive range of health services free of charge to ANU students and ANU Counselling promotes, supports and enhances mental health and wellbeing within the ANU community.


Our teams & contacts


Contact details
Dr James Brann 
Director, University Experience
Phone (02) 6125 3320
Patricia Teh 
Senior Project Officer
Phone (02) 6125 3795
Leeanne Kelly 
Senior Manager, Student Safety and Wellbeing
Phone (02) 6125 4243
Lisa Kennedy 
Head of Clinical Services
Phone (02) 6125 5136
Adam Lambert 
Executive Officer
Joel Radcliffe 
Manager, Respectful Relationship Unit
Phone (02) 6125 3121
Sarah Walker 
Senior Manager, Student Life
Phone (02) 6125 6080
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