Transport & parking

Parking and return to Acton campus

The parking office reception in the Anthony Low building will be open from 2 July 2020. Individuals may continue to contact the parking office by:

  Telephone: +2 6125 0179
  Calls and emails will be responded to Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

New parking permit creation
Individuals may continue to park within permit parking areas free of charge and without penalty until 27 July 2020.
For information on permit parking areas please see the ANU parking webpage or contact the parking office.

Individuals who held surface, residential, parking station or bladed permits cancelled in the COVID-19 shutdown are provided with a guarantee of the same permit until 27 July 2020. Requests to reinstate your permit after the grace period cannot be guaranteed and will be dependent on availability.

Staff and students who cancelled their permits will receive communications from the parking office on the 13 July 2020 with information on how to recreate their permits.

Infringements for permit areas will revert to a ‘warning’ only basis for the first two weeks after the grace period, 28 July – 10 August 2020. This is to provide individuals time to reinstate their permit. Standard infringement process will return to normal 11 August 2020.

Parking infringements will still apply at all times for:

  1.  Unsafe parking areas i.e. blocking emergency access routes
  2.  Yellow edge lines
  3.  Disability bays
  4.  No stopping areas
  5.  No parking and time limited
  6.  Non-authorised vehicles in registration specific bladed bays
  7.  Non-authorised vehicles parking in Reserved, Authorised and emergency vehicle parking bays
  8.  Areas that have a designated ‘pay and display’ machine

Returning equipment to ANU?
From 27 July to 10 August – time limited bays will be extended to 30 minutes. This allows staff and students to temporarily park close to their office whilst they return equipment or furniture.

The University's Acton campus caters for student, staff and visitors attending campus on a daily basis. The University's goal is to minimise the environmental impact of university-related travel, reduce the number of vehicles travelling to campus and promote sustainable transport options.

Parking spaces on campus are limited and it is suggested campus community members consider alternative methods of travelling across campus, such as catching a bus, cycling, walking or utilising GoGet Carshare to travel to, from and around campus.

Parking restrictions apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week unless stated otherwise. Permit, Pay As You Go, Pay&Display (ticket) and time limited zones are in force from 8am–5pm Monday to Friday, public holidays excepted.