Records document activities of the Australian National University and are key information assets that support the University working effectively.

The way we create, manage, use, and retain or destroy records is governed by obligations under the Archives Act 1983 and the standards and guidelines issued by the National Archives of Australia.

Staff in the University Records team are here to help provide advice and training, support use of the Electronic Records Management System (ERMS), and work with ITS to ensure that University systems manage records appropriately.

Our obligations and responsibilities

What are University records? University records provide evidence of the business activities and processes you undertake on behalf of the University...

Training, support and resources

Records management module   All ANU staff can access a free, self-paced online course on Introduction to Records Management at ANU available in...

Electronic Records Management System

The ANU Electronic Records Management System (ERMS) is a central repository for the management of electronic records. As a formal recordkeeping...