ANU Communications and Engagement

ANU Communications and Engagement (ACE) is the University's central point for internal and external communication, media relations, the University’s public events program, University Traditions and multimedia communications activities.

The Corporate Communications and Engagement team promotes the activities and operations of the University to external and internal communities. The team manages major University events, including the ANU Commencement Address, On Campus and Experience ANU newsletters and the Experience ANU website. The team also provides communications support to the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and University Executive, delivers the communications activities relating to the University’s strategic priorities, and is responsible for reputational risk management, in cooperation with the Media and Communications team.

The Media and Communications team (also known as the ANU Media Office) is the newsroom of the University. This team of communications specialists provides our academics with support and training in media engagement including helping to write media releases, place opinion pieces, and preparation for interviews, and support with digital and social media communications. The team works closely with academics to develop news stories and with news organisations to generate media coverage. The team also produces ANU Reporter and manages the ANU Newsroom website and the ANU Experts Guide. The Digital Communications Manager within this team manages the University’s social media accounts.

Our Multimedia team produces engaging and informative content for ANU publications, social media, websites and ANU TV. This work encompasses the full spectrum of multimedia production; live streaming, editorial photography, infographics, podcasting and narrative video production. The team also operates ANU Media Studio which connects our researchers to radio and television audiences around the world.

The Policy Brief team manages the newly launched ANU Policy Brief , a digital platform for time-poor policymakers. Their job is to make ANU expertise accessible and digestible for those working in government or in other policy-related roles. If you are an academic, contact them if you have some new research of interest to policymakers. They can run op-eds and analysis too. If you are a policymaker in government, let them know if there is a particular policy brief you’d like to see that’s not on the website. They can also arrange to visit your department or ministerial office to find out how they can best support your work.

Our teams & contacts


Contact details
ANU Reporter 
Chief Communications Officer 
Phone +61 2 6125 8399
Corporate Communications 
Phone +61 (0) 481 977 411
Executive Communications 
Phone +61 2 6125 7979
Policy Brief 
Phone +61 2 6125 9313


Contact details
Director (a/g)
Shruti Bhatnagar 
Events and Engagement Officer
Senior Media Communications Officer
Phone +61 2 6125 2343, +61 439 362 537
Editor of ANU Policy Brief
Project and Engagement Manager
Deputy Editor, ANU Policy Brief
Phone +61 455 555 290
Digital Communications Manager and Editor of ANU Reporter
Phone +61 436 809 941
Hannah Dixon 
Media & Digital Communication Officer and ANU Reporter Deputy Editor
Phone +61 436 814 561
Media Manager
Phone +61 2 6125 0027, +61 436 694 750
David Fanner 
Multimedia and Production Officer
Phone +61 418 300 605
Multimedia Officer
Phone +61 431 586 751
Associate Director, Media and Communications
Phone +61 2 6125 1236, +61 436 803 488
Communications Officer
Phone +61 418 460 642
Multimedia and Production Manager
Phone +61 481 036 022, +61 2 6125 9313
Associate Director, Corporate Communications & Engagement
Phone +61 436 809 949
Elaine Obran 
Digital Communications Assistant and Senior Writer for ANU Reporter
Phone +61 478 337 739
Dharmesh Panvelkar 
Events Manager
Phone +61 2 6125 7081
Katharine Pierce 
Project and Communications Manager
Phone +61 450 671 539
Events and Engagement Officer
Phone +61 6125 4144
Senior Media Communication Officer
Phone +61 497 024 065
Emma Sloane 
Corporate Communication Officer
Phone +61 486 003 956
Abby Sykes 
Corporate Communications Manager
Phone +61 417 041 421