Research support

Here you can find information that will help you seek suitable research funding opportunities and tools to manage your research projects.

Funding opportunities

Browse through a number of funding opportunities and select the best to suit your research.  You...
Costing & pricing
Costing & pricing

Costing & pricing

Discover the components and policies around costing & pricing, as well as how to price your...

Management data & systems

Learn about using the ANU Research Information Enterprise System (ARIES) to manage research...
Research contracts
Research contracts

Research Contracts

The Research Contracts Office reviews, drafts, negotiates, and arranges execution of your research...

Fellowships & support

Find out about opportunities for Postdoctoral fellowships available to researchers.

Ethics & integrity

Learn about responsible research practices and these continue to influence the work we do.
RIMS program
RIMS program

RIMS Program

The Research Information Management System Program (RIMS Program) will be researcher-centric,...

Technology transfer

Learn about commercialising your research, working with industry, and reaching a wider audience. 

Tools & resources

Browse through tools and resources available to enhance your research outcomes and help you manage...

Communities & training

ANU supports research candidates in their studies through a range of development opportunities....