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Here you can find information that will help you seek suitable research funding opportunities and tools to manage your research projects.

Funding opportunities »

Browse through a number of funding opportunities and select the best to suit your research.  You...
Costing & pricing
Costing & pricing

Costing & pricing »

Discover the components and policies around costing & pricing, as well as how to price your...

Management data & systems »

Learn about using the ANU Research Information Enterprise System (ARIES) to manage research...

Fellowships & support »

Find out about opportunities for Postdoctoral fellowships available to researchers.

Ethics & integrity »

Learn about responsible research practices and these continue to influence the work we do.
RIMS program
RIMS program

RIMS Program »

The Research Information Management System Program (RIMS Program) will be researcher-centric,...

Technology transfer »

Learn about commercialising your research, working with industry, and reaching a wider audience. 

Tools & resources »

Browse through tools and resources available to enhance your research outcomes and help you manage...

Communities & training »

ANU supports research candidates in their studies through a range of development opportunities....