Information Security Office

Established in 2020, the mission of the ANU Information Security Office (ISO) is to keep the ANU safe and credible through the delivery of coherent and sustainable capabilities aimed at building world-class information security infrastructure and culture.

Our vision

The Australian National University will create a safe, trusted and resilient digital ecosystem that will enable and protect academic freedom and the University's position as a renowned centre of academic and research excellence. As one of the great universities, ANU will be a leader in information security research, policy and education, making a meaningful contribution to the nation's security and the world.  

Under the program, information security is a much broader term than just cyber security. The program encompasses a range of operational capabilities, including:

  • Cyber Security
  • Counter Foreign Interference
  • Information Security Culture
  • Security Design and Accreditation
  • Counter Fraud
  • Supply Chain Risks
  • Information Security Governance
  • Insider Threat and Cyber Harassment

These areas correspond to areas of threat that will likely cause business risk or harm to ANU operations and our community. It is also a recognition that in a modern threat context, many of these elements overlap.  

As an overarching approach, we view information security across all elements as a human-centric challenge, one which frames our behaviour and decisions at the intersection of people, process and technology within our threat environment.

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