Quality manual and documentation

This manual is prepared for the purpose of defining Facilities and Services Division's interpretations of the current ISO 9001 international standard, as well as to demonstrate how the Division complies with that standard.

Quality manual

The Quality Manual (PDF, 471KB) is divided into the following eight sections:

  • Section 1.0 - Welcome to Facilities and Services Division
  • Section 2.0 - F&S: Who We Are
  • Section 3.0 - Quality Statement
  • Section 4.0 - Management System Structure and Controls
  • Section 5.0 - Management & Leadership
  • Section 6.0 - Resources
  • Section 7.0 - Operation
  • Section 8.0 - Improvement

Quality documentation by business unit

Portfolio QMS Prefix Description
General 10

04 Context of the Organisation (PDF, 192KB)
05 Management Review (PDF, 171KB)
06 Control of Documents (PDF, 189KB)
07 Corrective & Preventative Action (PDF, 158KB)
08 Outsourced Processes (PDF, 146KB)
09 Control of Records (PDF, 227KB)
10 Risk & Opportunity Management (PDF, 158KB)
13 Calibration of Equipment (PDF, 164KB)
14 Internal Audits (PDF, 211KB)
20 Change Management (PDF, 149KB)
21 Control of Nonconforming Service (PDF, 150KB)

28 Knowledge Management (PDF, 246KB)
36 Scheduled & Unplanned Outages (PDF, 308KB)
40 Customer Feedback (PDF, 106KB)
41 Divisional Activities & Contributions (PDF, 102KB)
42 NARU Cyclone Plan (PDF, 242KB)

WHS 20

18 Hazardous Materials Management Manual (PDF, 864KB)



Portfolio QMS Prefix Business unit
Operations 40 41 Satellite Sites

42 Security (PDF, 384KB)
44 Landscape and Conservation (PDF, 187KB)

47 Building Maintenance (PDF, 277KB)

48 Building Operations (PDF, 628 KB)

Infrastructure and Planning 50

51 Capital Works (PDF, 442KB)
52 Space Planning and Design (PDF, 243KB)

53 Technical (PDF, 284KB)

54 Hail Remediation (PDF, 420KB)

55 Asset Planning (PDF, 323KB)

Corporate 70

71 Governance and Compliance (PDF, 535KB)

72 Procurement and Contracts (PDF, 360KB)
73 Commercial Services (PDF, 354KB)
74 Venues and Functions (PDF, 256KB)

76 Parking (PDF, 436KB)

77 Kambri Operations (PDF, 287KB)

Quality documentation types

Document type Abbreviation Comments
Protocol POL A protocol is a general commitment, direction, or intentions formally stated by senior management.
Manuals MAN A formal document describing the management policies, objectives, principles, organisational authority, responsibilities, accountability, and implementation plan for ensuring quality in the products and services provided to clients.
Procedures PRO A set of systematic instructions for performing an activity. An activity can be comprised of several process flows.
Process Definition PDD A formal document that defines the process of a Business Unit . This document includes objectives, KPI's and process flows.
Process Flows PRF A set of inter-related resources and activities which transform inputs into outputs; also called a process flow chart.
Work Instructions WIN Describes the performance of work that would be adversely affected by lack of such instructions. Work instructions describe critical activities associated with specific procedures and may support process flows.
Forms FRM A form is a document used to record data required by the quality management system. Business Unit managers are responsible for creating and using forms in their areas.
Guides GUI Guides are suggested practices that are not mandatory, they are intended as a aid or example of how to comply with a standard or requirement.
Registers REG A register that indicates the status of information necessary for the operation or effective functioning of the Quality Management System.
Records REC Records are used to formalise traceability and to provide evidence of verification, preventive action and corrective action.