Corrective action requests (CAR)

In an effort to ensure continual improvement, Facilities and Services Division (F&S, or the Division) engages in corrective and preventive action to discover, investigate, and correct non-conformance's related to F&S products, its processes, and the Division's quality system. For internal issues, the Division refers to this as the Corrective Action Request (CAR) system.

The Corrective Action Request system is used to address the following issues;

  • Customer complaints
  • Employee reports of problems with equipment, procedures, processes, work instructions, guidelines and forms
  • Employee suggestion for improvement
  • Process non-conformities
  • Audit findings (internal or external)
  • Management review action items
  • Any other reported problem or suggestion, no matter the source

All employees are empowered to submit a corrective or preventive action request when they discover an existing or potential nonconformity against ISO 9001 requirements, F&S procedures, client requirements, or statutory/regulatory requirements.

In addition, client complaints, returns, and/or reports of non-conformances shall be handled through corrective action procedures.

F&S staff may submit suggestions for improvement to the Division through the Corrective Action Request system.

Refer to: Corrective Action Request (PDF, 158KB) and Corrective Action Request (CAR) form (XLS, 38KB)