Training & development

The ANU Strategic Plan 2017-2021 states that the Australian National University (ANU) will sit among the great universities of the world and be defined by a culture of excellence in everything that we do. To fulfil our mandate, we must invest in, and insist on, excellence at the ANU.

The University supports a culture of continuous learning and development for all staff to grow individual, team and organisational capability and performance to achieve excellence. ANU provides a comprehensive range of training and career development opportunities to assist staff to build their capability and perform at their best.

New staff training

The University’s aim is to support new staff to become effective and productive in their role as efficiently as possible. Face-to-face and online development is offered to support new staff to navigate and interpret complex university knowledge and systems.

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Professional development

The excellence and professionalism of our staff are inextricably linked to the achievement of the university’s strategic goals.  Workshops are offered to support staff to enhance their professional capabilities that strongly contribute to individual and organisational excellence.

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Management development

Managers face a distinct set of challenges as they are responsible to lead and motivate staff, achieve outcomes with limited resources whilst implementing the institutional strategy and priorities. Workshops are offered across the range of leadership and management skills and capabilities.

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Performance development

Good performance development is about regular, timely and honest conversations. To continue to build the culture of performance excellence at ANU, workshops are offered to develop skill and confidence to conduct meaningful and constructive two-way conversations about performance and development.

Human resources training

Managers play a significant and important role supporting the university to fulfil its legal responsibilities and commitment to an inclusive and safe workplace.  Workshops are offered to ensure managers have the relevant information, knowledge and skills to fulfil their leadership responsibilities.

Equity & diversity

The University values equity and diversity and is committed to providing an inclusive environment that is inspiring and engaging. A range of opportunities are offered to raise awareness of such principles, promote best practice and build capability to implement respectful and inclusive practices in the workplace.

Health & wellbeing

The University is committed to an environment that nurtures the wellbeing of our staff so that they can thrive and perform at their best. A range of development opportunities are offered to develop knowledge and skills that contribute to a positive and resilient workplace culture and environment.