Facilities and Services Quality Management System

The Facilities and Services Division (F&S) Quality Management System (QMS) conforms to the requirements of the AS/NZ ISO 9001 quality management standard. The QMS describes the Division's strategic approach to quality management and continuous improvement, and ensures consistency in the delivery of products and services that meet our client's expectations. The QMS supports the development of a quality culture in which all staff assume responsibility for quality and engage in quality management at all levels across the Division, encompassing the following portfolios:

  • Infrastructure and Planning - is responsible for the planning, design, asset management, the University’s Environmental Management Plan, procurement and delivery of centrally and locally funded capital works, refurbishments, minor and major contracted works. The section also manages space planning, allocations and major relocations as well as providing technical advice, managing the asset life cycle and asset management plans (AMPs) for the ANU and is a key stakeholder in the ANU’s Below Zero Initiative including providing technical advice and project management services. The Infrastructure and Planning Portfolio is responsible for delivering works in a timely manner, within budget, and to meet the requirements and expectations of the University.
  • Operations - is a multi-disciplinary team responsible for the management and maintenance of the University property portfolio of over $3.5 billion worth of assets, along with the provision of a variety of related services. The Operations team keeps facilities running, from top to bottom in a number of locations across Australia including the Acton Campus, Kioloa, Siding Spring Observatory, Mount Stromlo Observatory and the Northern Australian Research Unit at Darwin.

    The scope of work span all segments of facilities management, including the building itself, security, cleaning and waste, landscape and conservation, emergency systems, and just about anything else incorporated into the building.
    • Building Operations - Act as the main conduit with the division’s customers, through Customer Liaison and the management of soft FM services such as waste, cleaning, handyman services and pest management.
    • Building Maintenance - Manages the University’s buildings, services and infrastructure to keep them operating to a high standard and fit for purpose.
    • Security - Providing a safe and secure campus environment by managing risks, developing effective plans and procedures and maintaining the operation of a 24 hour control room which monitors building access, CCTV and alarm systems.
    • Landscape and Conservation - Manages the University’s natural landscape across 145 hectares by providing a range of grounds maintenance and landscaping services on campus, including the maintenance of landscapes, 10,000 trees, playing fields, roads and footpaths.
    • Satellite sites - Manages the University’s buildings located in Kioloa, Siding Spring Observatory, and Darwin to keep them operating to a high standard and fit for purpose.
  • Corporate - delivers a wide range of services to the campus community: o Commercial lease management across the Acton Campus and all satellite sites. This ensures an eclectic mix of both retail and non-retail tenancies which caters for all dietary requirements and price points.
    • The Venues and Functions team assesses and approves all functions and events on campus, working with all stakeholders to ensure a mix of events which includes both the ANU and the wider Canberra community. This team works closely with the Kambri precinct management team whose joint remit is to promote Kambri as the living heart of the campus, contributing to the University’s position as a hub for innovation and knowledge, recognised as a talent attractor and a place to collect experiences. It was also to be recognised and embraced by the Canberra community as ‘the place to go’.
    • The contract and procurement governance team provides specialist advice and support to the Division in the management of procurement processes as well as the administration and management of contractual arrangements with suppliers and service providers. This team also works with the University Procurement and Contracts Office and other F&S teams to progressively improve our procurement, contract management and service delivery which results in costs savings, improved services and facilities for the University community.
    • The F&S WHS team is responsible for the implementation the University’s WHS Management System (WHSMS) Handbook on behalf of the Division. The team provide advice and support to F&S Senior Leadership Group and other F&S teams to meet the Division’s statutory Work Health and Safety and University WHS policy obligations. This helps the provide a safe work environment to the F&S staff and the entire University community.
    • The Parking team ensures parking on campus is delivered in a fair and equitable manner. The team is responsible for working with all stakeholders to facilitate their parking requirements whilst promoting compliance and the safe utilisation of parking assets.

Refer to: Certificate of Approval (PDF, 73KB)