Facilities and Services Quality Management System

The Australian National University (ANU, or the University) is a world leading university and is unambiguous about its objective to maintain its international reputation for excellence in research, education and policy expertise. In the course of this endeavour, the University produces research, teaching and learning activities and experiences. These underpin the University's reputation for excellence.

Facilities and Services Division (F&S, or the Division) assists the University in this endeavour through all aspects associated with the planning, development, acquisition, operation and provision of applicable services in support of campus activities.

F&S is responsible for providing a physical environment at the ANU to support teaching and research goals through the provision of facilities and services that meet or exceed client requirements. The Division is responsible for managing the ANU buildings, grounds and infrastructure to the relevant legislation, Standards and Codes of Practice within an allocated budget. F&S is also responsible for supporting the provision of a safe learning, research and working environment for the University Community.

The support that F&S provides to the ANU Community includes the Acton Campus, Mt Stromlo Observatory, Kioloa, Siding Spring Observatory, the North Australia Research Unit and Spring Valley Farm. A key goal is efficiency of building operations to reduce whole of life costs.

F&S has implemented the Quality Management System and conforms to the requirements of the AS/NZ ISO 9001 quality management standard. Adoption of this standard ensures the Division's strategic approach to quality management focusing on continuous improvement, and ensuring consistency in the delivery of products and services that meet our client's expectations and the achievement of operational goals.

The QMS supports the development of a quality culture in which all staff assume responsibility for quality and engage in quality management at all levels across the Division.

Refer to: Quality Statement (PDF, 159KB)

Refer to: Certificate of Approval (PDF, 100KB)