Management review

The Facilities and Services Division (F&S, or the Division) Senior Management Team reviews the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the Quality Management System through two primary methods: a formal "Management Review Meeting" held periodically, and ongoing management activities conducted throughout the rest of the year.

The Management Review Meeting includes an analysis of the following inputs to F&S products and services:

  • review and update of external and internal issues of concern;
  • review and update of Business Unit process objectives, metrics and KPIs;
  • review of customer feedback;
  • review of the CAR system and related trends;
  • review of internal and external audit results;
  • review of the performance of external providers;
  • review of the adequacy of resources;
  • review of the effectiveness of actions taken to address risks and opportunities;
  • review of opportunities for improvement (OFI) of the quality management system;
  • review of the Quality Statement for adequacy and to ensure it remains consistent with the needs of the ANU Community and F&S clients; and
  • follow-up activities from previous Management Review meetings.

Refer to: Management Review (PDF, 171KB)