Quality management system audits

Internal QMS Audits

Internal quality audits are conducted to ensure ongoing compliance with requirements of the QMS standards, and the Division's policies and procedures. This is accomplished by auditing against all important processes and areas, and by applying all applicable sections of the standard. Audit requirements include those of ISO 9001, the Division's quality management system documentation, as well as the identified requirements of customers or regulatory authorities, as applicable.

Auditors are independent of the area being audited; F&S may therefore use approved third-party contract auditors for its internal audit program; the requirements for third party auditors are defined in the Quality Manual. Employees selected as internal auditors will have attended at a minimum a 4 hour internal auditor training program and at least 8 hours of shadow auditing with a previously qualified internal auditor, or third party auditor.

Using the Internal Audit Report as a basic checklist, the Lead Auditor will plan the scheduled audit with the appropriate Business Units and with any other audit team members. The audit team will determine additional checklist items or requirements to verify, and add these to the checklist portion of the Internal Audit Report.

Refer to: Internal Audits (PDF, 446KB) and Internal Audit Report Template (PDF, 221KB)

Internal audits by business unit

Portfolio QMS Prefix Business unit
Operations 40 41 Remote Sites (not included)
42 Security
43 Cleaning Waste & Recycling
44 Gardens & Grounds
45 Sustainability
46 Communications
Projects 50 51 Project Delivery
52 Space Management
Maintenance 60 61 Service Delivery Team
62 Engineering & Technical Services
63 Client Relationship Team
64 Program Management
Corporate & Client Services 70 71 Governance & Reporting
72 Finance & Contracting
73 Commercial Services
74 Administration Services

External QMS Audits

External quality audits are conducted by Lloyd's Register LRQA to assess the Division's management system to ensure compliance in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 Standard. The following audits have been conducted: