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An electronic portfolio or ePortfolio is similar in concept to the paper-based portfolio. The benefit of an ePortfolio is that in electronic format your portfolio is portable anywhere that you have Internet access.

ePortfolio at ANU is a personal learning environment, based on the software Mahara and integrated with Wattle. It allows students to collect and present materials throughout their studies, spanning all the courses in their program. The ePortfolio can be used for a wide range of activities including reflective journaling, deep learning, self analysis, assessment and collaborative teamwork.

A portfolio can encourage students to:

  • Think collaboratively; students collect items from a number of topics/courses and identify common themes
  • Engage in reflective practise; students review and analyse their past work and changes in their own practise and thinking
  • Develop professional identity; students select among their items to present themselves and demonstrate their progress and achievement


Academics can use ePortfolio in the following ways by:

  • Developing collaborative teamwork,
  • Demonstrating student competencies and graduate requirements,
  • Supervising internship and research projects,
  • and much more.


ePortfolio can be accessed via: