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Important Message:

The Moodle/Wattle upgrade has been successfully completed over the scheduled maintenance dates. All course content is now available in Moodle3.9.

In this upgrade, some changes and new features have been integrated into Wattle.
Please visit the links below for the key features and differences document.

Key Features and Differences Document - Administrator and Lecturers

Key Features and Differences Document - Students


If you have any questions, please contact Wattle Support/LSSG on 6125 4321, option 1, option 5, or via the ServiceDesk portal.

What is Wattle

Web Access To Teaching & Learning Environments (WATTLE) consists of Moodle as the main underpinning platform, augmented with other online learning facilities such as Turnitin (text-matching system), Echo360 (lecture recording system), Voice Tools (audio recording tools) and Adobe Connect (video conferencing tool). 

Wattle can be used to facilitates learning and provide resources to your students online including:

  • access to lecture notes and online resources
  • access to lecture recordings via Echo360
  • communication tools such as discussion forums, messaging, web conferencing and chat sessions
  • information about assessments, including Turnitin and online quizzes.

All Wattle users need to comply with ANU policies including the Acceptable Use of Information Infrastructure.


    Need help?

    Our support teams will be best able to assist you if you provide as much information as possible about the issue you face. Generally this includes:

    • your name and university ID
    • your course code and course name
    • a detailed description of the issue or request
    • the date time of the issue, and
    • the teaching space (if applicable)

    You can login into Wattle using your university ID and password and seek assistance in one of the following ways

    1. Students: visit the AskANU desk in the Chifley library for in person assistance or ring IT Service Desk on (02) 612 54321
    2. Staff: if you require hands-on assistance with a discipline specific Wattle query, please contact your College based Wattle support team
    3. Contact the ANU Wattle Support team via IT Service Desk, or phone (02) 612 54321, option 1,5, staffed Monday to Friday (9am-5pm) 
    4. Contact the external Moodle After-hours support on 1300 544 894, staffed Monday to Friday (5pm-10pm) and Saturday to Sunday (9am-5pm)
    5. Enrol in the self-paced Wattle training 


    Access to Courses

    Access to upcoming courses

    The upcoming courses are available to lecturers about six weeks before the teaching session starts.

    The upcoming courses are available to students two weeks before the teaching session starts. If students do not see their course sites when they log in, please have them:

    • Check ISIS - note that ISIS indicates the official enrolments.
    • Wait a day - new enrolments will have Wattle access one full working day after the enrolment is completed in ISIS.
    • Check with the lecturer - some course sites are released later than the standard date.

    Continuing Access to courses

    Lecturers have 12-month access to the courses after the teaching ends.

    Students have 6-month access to the courses after the teaching ends. For example, if a student is taking a course in Semester 1 2017, the student can continue to access the course content until the end of 2017.

    Admin Access Request

    Higher level access can be requested for administrators or executives in the colleges. To request the access, please complete the following steps:

    1. Complete the Admin Access Request form. The available roles include: Executive, College Admin and Local Admin.
    2. Have the form signed by the requestor’s manager in the area.
    3. Submit to Wattle Support via College Wattle support staff for confirmation.

    The roles are suitable for the following cases:

    • Executive: This is a view-only role, suitable for senior executives or manager in the college.
    • College Admin: This has high level access in all the courses within the college, suitable for college Wattle support staff.
    • Local Admin: This has the standard editing access in the courses they are enrolled in, suitable for school admins in the area.


    Wattle feature request / external tool integration request

    There are two types of requests available:

    Please provide as much detail as possible, so that your request can be appropriately assessed. Contact Wattle Support if you need additional information.


    Contact your local college support teams

    Contact information for all colleges can be found below. 

    ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences

    Education Development Studio
    Room 3.15, Beryl Rawsom Bld 13
    E: eds.cass@anu.edu.au
    T: 612 57444


    ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

    Digital Education Support
    E: cap.des@anu.edu.au


    ANU College of Business and Economics

    Education Technology
    E: edtech.cbe@anu.edu.au


    ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science

    Educational Developer – Jane Friel
    E: ed_dev@cecs.anu.edu.au
    T: 612 54901


    ANU College of Law

    College Education and Innovation Support Team (CEIST)
    E: CEIST.law@anu.edu.au


    ANU College of Physical and mathematical Sciences & ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment

    Peter Baume Building (Building 42)
    E: Science.Education@anu.edu.au



    Governance groups

    Steering Committee

    Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) Reference Group

    Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) User Group