Working remotely

ITS provides a variety of services to connect you with colleagues and students as well as the applications required for you to work remotely.

ITS provides a variety of services to connect you with colleagues and students as well as the applications you require to work remotely.

Prior to contacting the Service Desk, please search our Knowledge Base for the information you require. If you do not find the information you need you can log a ticket through the Service Desk Portal

For staff working remotely, deployment of new equipment is by appointment only.  You will be contacted by ITS staff in advance to schedule an appointment.  For any hardware related issues, please log a ticket through the  Service Desk Portal as normal, and arrangements will be made.

Working Remotely checklist

Ensure you have tested your University access, off campus, in advance to confirm everything is working to your satisfaction, and you have all required access.

You will need to confirm you have (or can):

  • A suitable device to work from home

A laptop or desktop computer:  either your ANU provided equipment  (laptop) or home device (laptop, personal computer, or other device).  If additional hardware is required, please follow the usual channels to request hardware through your College or School through the  Service Desk Portal

  • A working Microphone, and/or Webcam:  

A microphone and a camera may be built into your laptop or computer, or you may use an external device such as a USB microphone or headset. If you're looking to purchase your own microphone or webcam, Zoom has the following recommendations.

It is recommended that you keep your files on ANU shared drives.

If additional Software is required please go to Requesting software & hardware . 

  • Familiarised yourself with DocuSign

DocuSign is available for use to electronically sign forms. For more information, please see the DocuSign webpage or knowledge article: using DocuSign.

Items to assist with working remotely

  1. See Other Frequently Used Systems for more information on accessing Enterprise systems as well as Email, Calendar and Office 365.  
  2. It is recommended that you periodically clean your device.  Please see Dell Hardware – cleaning good practices in the knowledge base for more information.
  3. At home support (ANU device)

If you are having difficulty with your ANU device at home (that isn't realated to your home Internet).  Please log a ticket through the Service Desk Portal, or call 02 6125 4321 Option 1 then Option 8.

  1. Internet connection and home support (non ANU device):

You will need to contact your ISP regarding any internet speed/connectivity issues.  If you are having difficulty with your home computer there are a range of private organizations that you could contact to provide an individual private arrangement a list of these organisations can be found in the Knowledge Base Article Support arrangements for home computers.

  1. Taking equipment home:

In the event of a campus lockdown, if you are approved to remove IT equipment from the office, please register the equipment in the Equipment Register Form, please note you will need to take personal responsibility for this equipment – including safely removing, carrying and installation in your home. Approval will be given by your College Dean or Service Division Director.


Teaching Remotely

Information on teaching remotely, is located here in Wattle.

The ANU Virtual Information Commons is now available for students.


Collaborating Remotely

For more information, click the relevant link below.  

1.     Teams/Office365 Collaboration

2.     Zoom collaboration