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Introducing DocuSign

ANU now provides access to DocuSign to support remote working through the electronic signing of documents. The implementation of DocuSign supports sustainability initiatives by reducing the use of paper where possible and by digitising and streamlining manual paper based processes.


DocuSign is an online software tool, which enables organisations to sign documents electronically. It allows people to:

  • sign documents using electronic signatures
  • request signatures from others, including people outside your organisation
  • check the status of a document
  • send reminders, and
  • view audit trails.

It can be used for any document which requires a signature such as contracts, budgets, purchase orders and memos. It is the signatory's responsibility to ensure the document is able to be signed electronically, that their identity has been verified, and that they have the appropriate delegations to do so. Some documents are excluded from being electronically signed, including real estate property deeds and transfers, agreements with international parties or where performance takes place outside Australia, or where the document or agreement expressly prohibits signing electronically.

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