Connecting to VPN

ANU managed devices

The GlobalProtect client is in the process of being deployed to all managed devices. Please connect your device to the network to ensure you get this update as soon as it is deployed. Once it is running on your computer please ensure you are also not running the CISCO AnyConnect Security Mobility Client. 


If the VPN is not downloaded automatically, the instructions to set up and connect to the VPN are available on the ANU Remote access page. Once connected you should test your access to shared drives/network drives.  

If you are unable to access files you are usually able to access, please discuss this with your manager.  

If additional access is required each team should send ONE bulk request for all staff members to the Service Desk Portal.  

Security will update your permissions ASAP; you can support us by remaining patient while they work through all requests. 

Note that if you already had Cisco AnyConnect you can connect to either Cisco AnyConnect or GlobalProtect BUT you cannot run both at the same time. 

Unmanaged or personal devices

Follow the instructions found on the Remote access page, to download, install and use GlobalProtect client. 

NB: If you already had Cisco AnyConnect ensure you upgrade to GlobalProtect as use of the Cisco product will be discontinued at the ANU.

Map ANU shared drives

Once connected to the VPN you should test your access to shared drives/network drives.  

You should also have access to homedrive (MyFiles) via the web. 


You should continue to use existing file shares if available. 

If you are unable to access existing file shares ANU OneDrive is the University’s approved Cloud based file sharing platform. CloudStor can be used for research collaboration. 

NB: Other methods such as dropbox and google should not be used for storing university data.  

Accessing OneDrive

Remotely connect (RDP) to access your Desktop

NB: You will only need to request this in limited circumstances e.g. If you have specialised software that cannot be put on a portable device. 

In order to remotely connect to your ANU computer (in the office) you will need to log a service ticket via the Service Desk Portal

To request this you will need to provide a brief business case which includes: 

  • why you need access,  

  • what you need access to, 

  • your computer details (hostname, asset tag, IP address), 

  • manager/supervisor approval