Frequently used systems

Enterprise Systems

Accessing ES Financials or Requesting access to ES Financials 

NB: To access ES Financials, you must already have access.  If trying to connect when off campus, you need to be connected to the VPN first.    

Accessing SAS or Requesting access to SAS 

NB: To access SAS, you must have already have access. 

Accessing other Enterprise Systems 

Select the relevant system, and follow the instructions for gaining access.

Email, Calendar and Office365

Download Office365 

Office 365 ANU Help Site  

Using Outlook to access work email on my home computer 

Log in using your University (eg. and University (Identity) Password 

Accessing Webmail (OWA) 

Accessing Shared/Functional Mailboxes 

Tip: To access your shared calendars, log into webmail select calendar and right click my calendars then select Add Calendar.