Uplifting our IT service delivery

18 APRIL 2024

From our Service Desk and onsite technical support teams to business relationship management, we're improving how we deliver IT assistance to increase staff and student happiness and productivity.

Service Desk team photo
Our Service Desk team is here to ensure a smooth tech experience for everyone on campus. Photo: Jack Fox/ANU

As we embark on this journey of modernising our digital environment at ANU, we acknowledge the significant improvements needed in how we deliver IT services to our staff and students. With a focus on enhancing customer experience and streamlining operations to resolve issues faster and more effectively, our service delivery teams are committed to driving positive cultural and process change.

ANU Service Desk Manager Simon Cleary says, “Historically, our focus was about closing tickets. The team's aim now is to improve the culture and standardisation processes so when staff and students call us, they're getting the same quality end-to-end experience.”

“Our strategic mission is crystal clear: to drive continual improvement and ensure the seamless delivery of IT services," says Service Management Office Manager Feisar Joya. "We can only achieve service excellence by optimising service management practices, enhancing staff and student satisfaction and aligning IT services with the University's strategic goals and objectives."

And this transformation is reflected in improved response times and resolution rates. In the past year, we've:

  • increased our speed to answer calls from 1 minute 21 seconds to 47 seconds (+42%) 
  • reduced the number of abandoned calls by 66%.

Troubleshooting and resolving technical issues locally

Meanwhile, on the ground, our Information Technology Services (ITS) precinct teams are carrying out regular onsite checks and maintenance activities, responding quickly to mitigate risks and restore services. With five offices across four precincts, their presence across our Acton campus means help is always nearby, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity for staff and students. 

Service Precincts Manager Phil Drury who has managed IT teams at ANU for over 30 years says, “We understand the specific technical needs and challenges within different areas of the University. If a Service Desk ticket can't be resolved remotely, our precincts teams will go out and visit people in-person. We're the closest people on the ground to provide rapid support."

“In the past few years, we've increased the number of staff to respond to tickets, rebuilt precincts to allow us to move across campus easier. Our teams are so much more mobile.”

Map of ITS precinct offices

Map of ITS precinct offices

Forging and maintaining strong and positive relationships across the University

ITS Business Relationship Managers Mark Somers (left) and Drew Treasure (right). Photo: Ezreena Yahya/ANU
ITS Business Relationship Managers Mark Somers (left) and Drew Treasure (right). Photo: Ezreena Yahya/ANU

In an effort to improve communication and foster collaboration to understand and meet the varied needs of our staff and students, we've also created two new ITS Business Relationship Manager (BRM) roles. Together our BRMs, Drew Treasure and Mark Somers, are working closely with various internal stakeholders to forge and maintain strong, positive and long-lasting relationships.

Mark, who worked at Defence Australia for almost two decades agrees, “Sometimes, we [at ITS] won't be able to fix an issue straight away – and that's why Drew and I are here, to acknowledge the impact and empathise. We're the humanising voice of ITS.”

“We're the connector between Colleges, Schools, Service Divisions and ITS. By getting out there, building relationships, understanding our partners, we want to foster transparency and accountability."

Collaboration between our Service Desk, precincts teams and Business Relationship Managers ensures we can proactively address issues and deliver personalised support to enhance overall satisfaction and productivity within our community.


Need IT help?

  • Call us at +61 2 612 54321 or
  • Visit the Service Desk website

Top photo: Jack Fox/ANU