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Proctorio is an online proctoring service integrated with Wattle. It is set up and used in conjunction with the quiz activity and has the capacity to record and capture a student’s activity during an exam, depending on the settings that are enabled.

The primary purpose of using Proctorio is to provide exam invigilation to maintain academic integrity throughout a timed examination period, especially for large classes. Proctorio uses the Google Chrome web browser to monitor for any suspicious behaviour.

There are many useful documents regarding online assessments, as well as technical advice on how to use Proctorio, available on the ANU website.

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  • For advice for online assessments, in particular on how to use Proctorio, please go to the student Online assessment webpage.
  • For help during an exam, including a Proctorio exam, please refer to Need help during exams.


  • For general information regarding online assessment and resources, please see the Proctorio section on the Technology for Assessments webpage.
  • If you have questions or problems with Proctorio, please contact your College/local support team. Alternatively, you can contact the Wattle Support team via:
    • IT Service Desk
    • or call +61 2 612 54321, option 2, 5, staffed Monday to Friday (9am–5pm).

If you wish for a scheduled Proctorio exam during the formal exam period to be checked by the Wattle Support team, a request must be made via ServiceDesk with sufficient lead time prior to the exam taking place:

  • For mid-semester exams: no later than 5 business days for mid-semester exams
  • For end-of-semester exams: no later than 10 business days for final exams.

A request made after this period does not allow adequate time for testing and adjustment and may not be possible to integrate into the team’s existing workload.

Need help during exams