Business owner: Centre for Learning & Teaching

Proctorio is an online proctoring service integrated with Wattle. It is set up and used in conjunction with the quiz activity and has the capacity to record and capture student’s activity during an exam depending on the settings that are enabled. The primary purpose of using Proctorio is to provide exam invigilation to maintain academic integrity at scale throughout timed examination period.

Proctorio uses the Google Chrome web browser to monitor test takers for any suspicious behaviour. It allows the lecturers to set controls on individual exam such as ID verification options, recording options, user behaviour settings.

Need Help?

  • Staff: If you have questions or problems with Proctorio please contact the Centre for Learning and Teaching.
  • Students:
    • If you experience any technical difficulties with Proctorio Practice exams, please Contact the Wattle Support team via:
    • For Semester 1 2020 Exam period (11 - 27 June 2020), please see exam support below:
      • Proctorio Help – speak directly to a Proctorio agent by clicking on the Proctorio extension shield icon in your Google Chrome extension bar [top right of browser]. (Available 24/7)
      • Technical Examination Help – contact ITS on +61 2 61252222 (Monday to Saturday 8.30am-6.00pm).
      • General Examination Help [e.g. illness, Special Consideration, Deferred Examinations] – contact the Examinations Office +61 2 61253236 (Monday to Saturday 8.30am-6.00pm).