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The Wattle User Manual was created in order to provide a One-Stop-Shop for all Wattle User Guide Content. Should you require any support, always contact your Local College Support Staff


  • What is Wattle
  • Wattle course lifecycle
  • Accessibility Guidelines


  • Local College Support - Staff
  • Service Desk – Staff and Students
  • Related links

1. Access and Navigate Wattle

  • Access overview
  • Log in and navigate the dashboard
    • Star your favourite courses
    • Add the dashboard to your Bookmarks Toolbar
    • Add an image to your course title
  • Course site navigation

2. Edit and Organise

  • Site design
  • Turn editing on
  • Edit
    • Edit course settings
    • Edit text (Atto) text editor
    • Create automatic text links
    • Fix broken images
  • Add and manage
    • Add and manage activities and resources
    • Add and manage sections
    • Blocks
    • Label tool

3. Tools to present content

  • Page
  • Book
  • H5P (Interactivity)
    • Create H5P content
    • Add H5P as an activity
    • Embed H5P content
  • Echo360 lecture recordings
  • URL (link)
  • File
    • Add a File via activity chooser
    • Add a File via dragging and dropping
    • Replace a File on your site
    • Display media in course
  • Cloudstor

4. Manage participants

  • View participants
    • Add lecturers and senior tutors to a course
  • Groups and groupings
    • Create groups and groupings
    • Manually add students to groups
    • Auto-create groups
    • Set up group self-selection
    • Export groups with CSV
    • Import empty groups from CSV
    • Import groups with students from CSV
  • Attendance tool
    • Add tool and tweak settings
    • Set how you will mark attendance
    • Add sessions
    • Mark and view attendance
    • Other options
  • View course reports

5. Communication

  • Message settings and preference
  • Update your profile and picture
  • Add contact block
  • Forum
    • Announcements
  • Scheduler
  • Zoom: Create tute recording folder in Cloudstor
  • Feedback: Wattle Survey
  • Choice: Wattle Polling
  • Send direct message to your students
  • Dialogue

6. Collaboration on Wattle

  • Wiki: Team writing
  • Workshop: Peer assessment tool

7. Turnitin and Assignments

  • Turnitin
    • Setting up a rubric
    • Grading form
  • Assignments
    • Create assignments
    • How to set up
    • User and group overrides
    • Mark and give feedback

8. Quizzes

  • Overview and warnings
  • Categories and questions
  • Create quizes
  • Review and mark
  • Wattle Quiz for exams
  • Proctorio

9. Hide and show items

  • Hide activities and resources
  • View course as a student

10. Gradebook

  • What is Gradebook?
  • Set up Gradebook for your course
    • View gradebook setup
    • Check aggregation of Gradebook and categories
    • Ensure all assessment items appear
    • Organise your Gradebook
    • Adjust Maximum grade (optional)
    • Adjust item weights and hide totals
    • Advanced Gradebook seup for more than one cohort
  • Enter and manage grades in Gradebook
    • View the grader report
    • Grade preferences and settings
    • Enter grades (basic)
    • Enter grades (advanced)
    • Grade by students
    • Excludes grades
    • Gradebook FAQs
  • Prepare final Grades for SAS
    • Export grades from Wattle
    • Check CSV(s) from your school administration
    • Copy results into CSV(s)

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