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Known Issues

You can find the known issues that related to our learning systems 


Issue Workaround Date Updated Status
Echo360: Safari browser

Currently, when users clicks on the Echo360 link from their Wattle site in Safari, they will be directed to the Echo360 login page. However, even if the users enter the correct credentials, they will still not be able to access the recordings in Echo360.

Until Apple releases the new version of Safari, the workaround is to use other browsers such as Chrome and/or Firefox




Resolved Issues

Following are the list of resolved issues

Issue Workaround Date Updated Status

Wattle: SAML Login Error


Some users, while trying to log into Wattle, may encounter a SAML login error.



Users are able to log into Wattle by reloading Wattle after seeing the error





Wattle: Forum Digest


Users of the forums were unable to receive their daily forum digest via email


(Emergency release from the service provider has been deployed to fix the issue)





Wattle: Echo360 plugin Atto editor

In Wattle course page if you embed an Echo360 recording, an error message will display.


Note: Echo plugin works as expected everywhere else in Wattle



First create an empty Label, then return to the same label by editing it. In this second time, you can add in the Echo360 recording, and when you save the label again, the recording will appear on the course page without errors







Turnitin: Unavailable

When trying to upload an assignment to Turnitin, the user will receive an error message indicating that the user is unable to view submission, upload submission, or create Turnitin activity.

Users are able to create Turnitin activities, upload submissions and view/grade submissions without any issues.


Turnitin: Rubric

Currently users are unable to create a new rubric for Turnitin assessments

Users can use any existing Turnitin rubrics,there is no workaround to create new rubric