Wattle Course Access

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Access to upcoming courses

The upcoming courses are available to lecturers about six weeks before the teaching session starts. 

The upcoming courses are available to students two weeks before the teaching session starts. If students do not see their course sites when they log in, please have them:

  • Check ISIS - note that ISIS indicates the official enrolments.
  • Wait a day - new enrolments will have Wattle access one full working day after the enrolment is completed in ISIS.
  • Check with the lecturer - some course sites are released later than the standard date.

Continuing Access to courses

Lecturers have 12-month access to the courses after the teaching ends.

Students have 6-month access to the courses after the teaching ends. For example, if a student is taking a course in Semester 1 2023, the student can continue to access the course content until the end of 2023.

If students would like to retain their course materials (e.g. submitted assessments, assessment feedback, readings, etc), it is recommended that the students download these materials prior to the end of the 6-month period.