Getting access to ES Financials

Download or print out an ES Financials Access Request form

Locate the most up to date version of the ES Financials Access Request Form.

Fill out return the form to F&BS Business Solutions

A section by section break down of how to fill in the ES Financials Access Request form can be found below. Remember to read over the Explanation of Classes to determine what security classes you will require to do your job.

VERY IMPORTANT: Ensure that you read the Acceptable Use of Information Infrastructure before signing the Access Request form. By signing you are acknowledging that you accept the terms and conditions as stated in the document linked above.

Note: Please allow two days for processing of your Access Request form. Users will be notified by email once access has been granted/updated, or if problems with granting the access requested have occurred.

Email the completed form to

Higher duties

If temporary changes to access are required due to the performing of Higher Duties please send a copy of your Declaration of Higher Duties form along with your Access Request form.

Pick up your password from the ITS Helpdesk

Your request for access to the ES Financials has been processed. Your logon and password are now available.

Call x54321 (Option 1 then Option 2) to make an appointment. The collection point will be from the Ask ANU Call Centre, located at Building 43 W.K Hancock West - Level 4 - (Biology Place). You will need to provide proof of identification upon arrival.

Note: If you already have access to the HR and Student Administration System, you do not need to pick up a password. Your password will be the same for all systems.

Change your Enterprise Systems password

Use this page to change your Enterprise Systems (ES) domain password. Changes will take effect immediately.


Step 1
User details

Please provide your name, contact details and associated Business Unit.

Casual Staff, or Short-Term Modifications: Please indicate the start and finish dates of your term. 

Uni ID (or User Number): To be granted access to the ES Financials system, you must provide either an employee (7 digits) or affiliate (6 digits) number depending on your status within the University. This number is the same number used to setup email accounts. If you are not sure of your appropriate number, please consult your Local IT Support Staff.

Step 2
Operator role requirements

Operator roles define what functions, pages and reports you will be granted access to, depending on the role that you are to perform.  You can be assigned multiple roles per module, if you are performing multiple roles. All Users will automatically receive all Inquiry Access (including Accounts Payable, AccountsReceivable, General Ledger Inquiries and Accounts Payable Workflow) plus accessto the Accounts Payable Workflow pages (updating of these transactions isrestricted to those users within the assigned Workflow Team). To determinewhich other operator roles you need access to, please refer to Security Roles in ES Financials.

The following are suggested profiles for typical staff roles:

  1. Finance/Grants/Admin Officer: All Inquiry plus AP_OFFR,AR_OFFR, GL_JNL (plus Purchasing if applicable).
  2. Senior Finance Officer/ Business Manager/ Executive Officer: All Inquiry plus AP_APPR, AR_APPR, GL_APPR, PO_APPR, PO_BM, AM_OFFR.
  3. Purchasing Officer: All Inquiry plus PO_PO, PO_REQ,PO_RECV.
  4. Stores Officer: All Inquiry plus IN_ST, IN_STREQ.

**Transactional processing roles are restricted to Financial Shared Services (FSS) and Areas not supported by FSS. Refer FSS Services Guide.

Step 3
AP Scanned Invoice Team

A Business Area/Team is a group of users who are responsible for the Accounts Payable Workflow for the area. Each user in this team can be assigned one or more workflow roles. Refer SIW Team Maintenance guide for further information. Note that a user cannot be selected in all five workflow steps.

Step 4
Organisational (Department) security

This section need only be completed for operators with Approval access (XX_APPR), or for those required to enter Inventory requisitions (i.e. MSRs, so a role of IN_STREQ) or Asset Management Transfer.  Do not complete if operator only has other access.

This defines which Department ID's an operator will have update access to.  If the operator is to have access to all departments within a Budget Unit, then please just write All <Budget Unit> eg All JCSMR.  If the operator is to have update access to the whole of the University, then please write All ANU (access for all ANU is restricted).

Please also indicate your default department ID.

Step 5
Purchasing information

Buyer (Purchase Orders): Please indicate whether your details are to be provided on relevant Purchase Orders as the key contact person.

Default Buyer (Uni ID): The Uni ID of the Buyer you wish to have as your default (if you have selected 'Yes' to being a buyer, you do not need to complete this field).  

Location Codes:  Location codes are used to identify the physical location of Buyers and for the delivery of goods. The Buyer's Location code is to be nominated for all operators that have functional access (that is, non-enquiry access).  The Default Ship To Location code is only required for operators that are involved in purchasing goods through the creation of Purchase Orders.

Step 6
Applicant's agreement

Conditions for Acceptable Use of Information Infrastructure can be viewed from following web page