Functions on campus

Functions on Campus (FOC) is the approval process for holding functions on University grounds and within University facilities.

This applies to University facilities (including rooms within buildings) and the placement of posters and other promotional material around campus. It also applies to any external area of the campus grounds, such as ovals, the banks of Sullivan's Creek, Union Court, barbeque areas and the Forestry Fire Pit.

The responsibility for the management of Functions on Campus resides with the Director, Facilities and Services Division. However, FOR STAFF FUNCTIONS ONLY the Director, Facilities and Services has officially delegated authority to the Deans and Directors to approve functions in exempt building and surrounding grounds (as defined in the ANU Liquor Statute). Function organisers within Colleges and Divisions should advise their Deans and Directors, by email, of the details of the function (whether the function involves the sale and/or supply of liquor, how many RSA's will be in attendance etc) These functions cannot be attended by more than 100 persons. Functions involving more than 100 persons require a FOC application form to be submitted.

When should I submit an application to Functions on campus?

An application to hold a function on campus must be submitted if:

  1. The function involves the sale, supply or purchase of liquor in accordance with the ANU Liquor Statute 2015.
  2. It is a staff function over 100 persons
  3. It is a non staff function.
  4. The function is likely to impact on other members of the University; or other campus users.
  5. Involves University resources (such as ANU Security Officers, Maintenance or Grounds staff).

Applications must be approved by the Director of Facilities and Services (or delegated authority) and be accompanied by a Risk Assessment Management Plan where applicable.

Application forms

The following applications forms are available to download:

  • Functions on Campus application form must be completed.
  • Functions involving the use of a fixed BBQ that do not involve the supply and/or sale of liquor need to complete the BBQ booking application form
  • Functions at the Forestry Fire Pit that do not involve the supply and/or sale of liquor need to complete the Forestry Fire Pit application form

Authorising body

Please note: Australian National University Student Association (ANUSA) affiliated groups require a signature from the ANUSA Executive. Residential groups require a signature from their Head or Dean. Only applications sponsored by University departments, Postgraduate and Research Students' Association (PARSA) or the Australian National University Student Association (ANUSA) and affiliated organisations will be considered.

Once approved by the Authorising Body, both the Application form/s and the Risk Assessment Management Plan (if required) should be forwarded to the Functions on Campus administrative staff for review and approval within the advised timeframes.

Applications must be received within the following timeframes to allow adequate time for assessment:

  • 21 working days if the function involves the supply/sale of liquor and food. This will allow sufficient time to seek a liquor permit from Access Canberra and
  • 14 working daysin respect to functions which may impact on other campus users, on the campus grounds.

Can liquor be served at the function?

The provision of liquor by a third party or by groups other than University Staff will require an ACT liquor permit (available from Access Canberra) in addition to approval by the University. Responsible Services of Alcohol (RSA) laws must be adhered to when holding a function on campus.

Where you intend to advertise within the University that liquor will be sold/supplied at a function being at the University, you must obtain approval - please complete the application form: Functions on Campus Application form. However, where you intend to advertise liquor generally within the University and it is not related to an event at the University, you must obtain approval by completing theLiquor Advertising Application form.

Please note: Applications for the advertisement of liquor must be authorised by the Director, Facilities and Services or his delegate prior to advertising.

Functions not approved by the Authorising Body or not complying with the above mentioned timeframes may result in an application being declined.

Total fire ban

In the event of a Total Fire Ban BBQ functions and functions at the Forestry Fire Pit will not be permitted on Campus. 

Please note: Under no circumstances are accelerants to be used on any of the BBQs held on campus.

BYO events

Approval by the Director of Facilities and Services (or delegated authority) is not required for the consumption of BYO alcohol at an event at which no more than 20 people are present.

Where can I access further information?

Further information can be accessed via email to Functions on campus or telephone +61 2 6125 9361 (x59361).