Functions on campus

From Monday 7 September 2020, the University will recommence functions, events and venue hire on the Acton campus with restrictions. Please read the Functions on Campus Protocol for a comprehensive understanding of the restrictions in place. You can also read the University Guidelines for our COVID-19 Recovery. If you have any questions about the Protocol, please contact the Functions on Campus team on (02) 6125 4000 (option 3) or email

Functions on Campus (FoC) is the application process for holding functions on University grounds and within University facilities. Functions include staff, student or external organised social, cultural, fundraising or sporting events.

This application process applies to all University facilities (including rooms within buildings) and the placement of posters and other promotional material around campus. It also includes any external area of the campus grounds, such as ovals, the banks of Sullivans Creek, Kambri, barbeque areas and the Forestry Fire Pit.

Function organisers should:

Functions on Campus Protocol

From Monday 7 September 2020, the University will recommence functions, events and venue hire on the Acton campus with restrictions. These restrictions will ensure events take place in a COVID-Safe manner.

Individuals should read the Functions on Campus Protocol for a complete understanding of the restrictions. The FOC eForm will be available from 1 September 2020.

Some key Protocol measures to consider:

  • All events and Functions on campus require a Functions on Campus eForm (Recommendation 1).
  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment Plan and a COVID-19 Safety Plan (Venue) are required for each Function or event on campus and a copy should be available while the event is running. This must be submitted as part of the Functions on Campus eForm. (Recommendation 3).
  • All events require mandatory pre-event registration (Recommendation 12).
  • All events require a nominated ‘protocol officer’ to monitor the event and ensure compliance to the Protocols. These protocol officers must complete the Australian Government’s COVID-19 infection control training course (Recommendation 13 and 14).
  • Functions may be cancelled at short notice if an outbreak or identified case occurs in a specific venue/on campus or following changes to government rules. All expenses incurred due to cancellation are the responsibility of the organisers. (Recommendation 22).

Functions organisers must read the Protocol in full before submitting a Function request.

Completing the FOC Form

Now more than ever, the University needs to be made aware of all Functions in order to keep campus COVID safe and comply with a duty of care for staff, students and visitors to campus. This includes the management of risks, and issues such as security and safety. This also allows the University to mitigate traffic and noise, as well as to minimise disruption to other campus users.

Additionally, the University must authorise the sale, supply or consumption of alcohol at Functions under the ANU Liquor Statute 2015 (the Statute) (s 5.1) on any part of the campus and this is managed through the FoC process.

Requirements and exemptions

Organisers of the following events and functions MUST COMPLETE a FOC form.

Event type Who approves
Staff functions or gathering Functions on Campus
Student and college functions or gatherings Functions on Campus
Student affiliated and non-affiliated functions or gatherings Functions on Campus
Residential student events outdoor Functions on Campus

Organizers of the following events and functions have alternative approval requirements.

Event type Who approves
Llewellyn Hall, Drill Hall Gallery and University House Managed internally
Departmental staff meetings Dean/Director
Residential student events (indoor) Managed by Heads of Halls and approved by the director, Residential Student Life

Functions and events where risk cannot be adequately controlled or mitigated (i.e. exposure cannot be reduced or prevented) are unlikely to be approved. This may include festivals, live bands, markets and stalls, protests and demonstrations.

For ANU affiliated staff or externally organised functions, you will need to complete the paper based Application to Hold a Function on Campus (PDF, 806KB)