Contractor induction

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We are having issues with New Contractor Access Cards please be patient as we are working through this

We have released a new online induction module, please read all the instructions prior to registering as the process has changed.

If a contractor has recently undertake the contractor induction on the old module, this remains valid for 12 months from the date that you completed the induction.

Company registrations do not need to be approved for employess to complete the Contractor Induction, they will be associated to the company once the registration is finalised.

The Facilities and Services Division (F&S) has developed an online induction program for contractors engaged by F&S to provide services to ANU Campus, Kioloa and Sidings Spring Observatory. It applies to all contractors, sub-contractors and their employees who are engaged in work associated with the University's building structure, building fabric and building services.

The induction program has been developed to provide a safe and healthy working environment, and aims to assist contractors in understanding the University's expectations with regards to:

  • work health and safety;
  • environmental duty of care;
  • management of hazards unique to the ANU campuses; and
  • other operational matters such as parking and security.

Contractor Access Pass

Contractors that are working onsite at ANU Campus (Acton) may require a contractor access pass.  As part of the contractor induction ALL contractors will be required to upload a photo. 

Access passes can be collected from Anthony Low Building, 124 Garran Road, between 9.30am-4.00pm Monday to Friday and can take 3 business days.

Contractors that have a Contractor Access Pass which has expired your access card will be updated within 3 business days from the data induction was completed.

Company and Sub-contractor registration

The person who is administering the company induction portal will need to register so that employees will be linked when they have completed the induction. This should only be completed once for each company.

Click on Company and sub-contractor registration button to complete Company and sub-contractor registration.

Instructions for How to Register a Company (PDF, 752KB)

Instructions for How to Register as a Sub-Contractors (PDF, 811KB)

Company registrations do not need to be approved for employess to complete the Contractor Induction, they will be associated to the company once the registration is finalised.

Contractor induction and individual registration

When a company is registered, workers/employees will be required to register to complete the Contractor Induction. Please note that sole traders/suppliers who have already registered their company must also register to complete the Contractor Induction.

Click on Contractor induction & individual registration button to register and complete the Contractor Induction

Instructions to Complete Contractor Induction & individual registration (PDF, 820B)

Completion of the contractor induction yearly will ensure that you access card is updated.

Further information and assistance with registration or an induction please contact

Sign in/Sign out

The University has launched a new sign in/sign out process that requires all contractor staff to sign in and out of buildings using a QR code. The QR codes are located near the access pass readers near the entrance of all University buildings.  The scanning of the QR code does not replace the requirement for Contractors to ensdure that they have contacted the local Building Custodian or relevant person to make arrangements to come on-site.

When you have signed in, the system will identify if you have completed the new induction module , it will flag you as not inducted on your screen, even if your induction is current and will provide a link to the new induction.  As inductions are to be renewed annually you can update when your induction as your expiry date gets closer.

The sign in/sign out system will automatically sign you out at 5pm.  If you are working after hours you will be required to sign back in and sign out when work is completed.