Contractor induction

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The Facilities and Services Division (F&S) has developed an online general induction program for contractors engaged by F&S to provide services to ANU.

The induction program has been developed to provide a safe and healthy working environment, and aims to assist contractors in understanding the University's expectations with regards to:

  • work health and safety;
  • environmental duty of care;
  • management of hazards unique to the ANU campuses; and
  • other operational matters such as parking and security.

The completion of this program is a condition of entry for all contractors working on ANU campuses. It applies to all contractors, sub-contractors and their employees who are engaged in work associated with the University's building structure, building fabric and building services. Completion of the induction by ANU staff employed to undertake similar type work is also recommended.

The program does not address Work, Health and Safety issues and safe work practices specific to a particular workplace or site. You will need to conduct a risk assessment and have in place safe work method statements for the work that you do. To commence the online induction program and assessment enter the following user name and password details:

Username: contractor

Password: training

Once completed the induction print the certificate ensure it is signed by yourself and supervisor and email to  Complete the Contractor Application for Identification and Access Card form to receive contractor access card, email this with your contractor induction certificate. (Note: Contractor Application for Identification and Access Card form is only required for contractors that do not have an access card)

Completion of the contractor induction yearly will ensure that you access card is updated.

Further information can be obtained from accessing the documents below or by contacting