Free disability parking is available for those with a valid Australian mobility permit or an ANU mobility permit. Disability parking spaces on campus are clearly signposted. The ANU Designated parking areas map shows locations of disability parking spaces.

Free ANU mobility permits are available for staff or students who have a short or long term illness. These are available via Access & Inclusion (students) or the Safety and Wellbeing (staff).  Staff and students may also be eligible to borrow a scooter or wheelchair from Access & Inclusion or Staff Wellbeing & Disability .

Mobility permit holders may, in line with Australia wide practice, park in disability parking bays, in paid parking areas at no charge or in time limited zones. If the sign posted time limit is up to 30 minutes mobility permit holders may park for up to 2 hours. If the sign posted time limit is 30 minutes or longer mobility permit holders may park all day.

ANU disability permits are only valid on the ANU Acton campus.