HDR supervision registration and renewal

The purpose of the Higher Degree Research (HDR) Supervision Development Framework is to foster and support best practice in HDR supervision. The Framework includes an ANU HDR Supervisor Register. All ANU HDR supervisors, and Chairs of Panels and Primary Supervisors who are not ANU staff members, must join the register by 31 December 2020 to be eligible to supervise students. All registered HDR supervisors must subsequently complete an annual qualifying activity to maintain their registration.

Associate Supervisors who are not ANU staff members are not required to register, but they are welcome to do so. All supervisors are encouraged to engage with the resources and development opportunities offered under the Framework. The HDR Supervision Portal is a gateway to many online resources.

Registration requirements

Registration requirements are summarised in the following table:

Activity ANU staff: Experienced supervisors, any panel role ANU staff: New supervisors, any panel role Non-ANU staff: Chair or Primary supervisors Non-ANU staff: Associate supervisors
HDR Supervision at ANU Yes (Pulse module or workshop) Yes (Pulse module or workshop) Yes (Qualtrics module or workshop) No, but encouraged (Qualtrics module or workshop)
Foundations of HDR Supervision workshop No, but encouraged Yes
  • No, for experienced supervisors
  • Yes, for new supervisors
No, but encouraged

Gaining registration

There are two primary pathways to gain registration as an ANU HDR supervisor:

Those new to supervision (who have not yet supervised a HDR candidate through to completion in any panel role), will also need to complete a Foundations of HDR Supervision Workshop (details on the Foundations of HDR Supervision Workshops webpage). Supervisors unsure if this requirement applies to them can contact their local HDR Convener or the HDR Supervision Development Team.

Completion of an equivalent ANU supervisor development program, such as that previously offered through the College of Business and Economics, may also count towards registration requirements. College Associate Deans or Directors of HDR can advise when this registration option is available.

Once supervisors have completed the relevant registration requirements, their name will be added to the ANU HDR Supervision Register. Registration will remain valid until 31 December in the year following initial registration.

Maintaining registration

HDR supervisors can maintain their registration by participating in at least one qualifying activity annually. This activity can take many forms, including participation in local or central HDR Supervision Development Workshops. For supervisors who register in 2019 and 2020, annual qualifying activities will be required from 2021.

In the interim, all current or prospective supervisors are encouraged to participate in HDR Supervision Development Workshops offered by the HDR Supervision Development Team. The workshop program can be found on the HDR Supervision Development Workshops webpage and updates in the monthly Research & Innovation News.


Please see the HDR supervision registration and renewal FAQs webpage, and if your question isn’t addressed there, email us at hdr.supervision@anu.edu.au.