HDR Supervisor of the Month

To recognise good practice in ANU Higher Degree Research (HDR) supervision, we have introduced the HDR Supervisor of the Month Award.

All HDR supervisors, conveners, administrators, or anyone else who works to support HDR are eligible to be nominated.

The winner will receive ANU-wide recognition.

Nominations are welcome from all members of the ANU community. Nomination involves completion of the simple HDR Supervisor of the Month – Nomination Form.

Current HDR Supervisor of the Month awardee

September 2022


Dr Hsiao-chun Hung

Senior Research Fellow
School of Culture, History & Language
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific

Hsiao-chun’s supervisory approach:
"Many PhD students travel a lonely road, especially when they follow subjects such as archaeology not in prevalent demand worldwide. Most of my PhD students are international students. As an international student who has gone through a similar path, I can understand the challenges and the efforts needed to live in a new place. While I share my own experience with them, I hope they can make their own paths and avoid some of the rocky parts that I met along the way, although their journeys inevitably will be long and arduous, without shortcuts.

From the PhD stage all the way to the academic career, students need a solid motive and genuine passion for continuing the journey intrepidly. I always ask students first if they are truly happy with what they are doing and plan to do. I believe that research enthusiasm, especially the desire to pursue a uniquely new and important question, is essential to sustain an individual through this strenuous trip and continuing for a lifetime.

Each student is a unique and independent individual, in terms of learning experiences, language abilities, cultural background, and self-expectations for the future. I adjust myself accordingly to the personality and needs of each student. We travel together through the PhD process and will continue thereafter in our next journeys as colleagues. While we celebrate the excitement of achievements at each milestone, we recognise and learn from the disheartening moments, failures, and tears that help us to grow.

Within the three to four years of PhD life, I hope for each student to grow rich and beautiful feathers and to fly high. I hope they can fly higher and much farther than I have done."

Find out more about Hsiao-chun’s work by visiting Hsiao-chun's profile webpage on the Researchers website.