ANU Indigenous Trainee and Apprentice Program

The ANU Indigenous Traineeship Program has been in operation since 2011, and the Apprentice program since 2019.  Since 2017 the program has welcomed 34 trainees and one apprentice who have worked across all Colleges, and a number of Service Divisions.

The University runs the ANU Indigenous Trainee and Apprentice Program in partnership with the Australian Training Company (ATC), who provides services to local areas to recruit and provide ongoing support for trainees and administer traineeships.

The Australian Government announced the Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements wage subsidy to support employers to take on new apprentices and trainees. For further information see the Related Links.

Benefits for apprentices

  • Flexible learning options both online and face-to-face off site for the duration of the apprenticeship.
  • Undertake a range of work and gain specialist skills while working.
  • Regular support visits from ATC Account Manager and support personnel.

Benefits for trainees

  • Flexible learning options including the ability to change or add qualifications during the traineeship.
  • Undertake a range of work and gain wide exposure across the College or Service Division.
  • Regular support visits from ATC Account Manager and support personnel.

Benefits for ANU

  • Contribute to the growth of ANU career pathways for Indigenous staff.
  • Provide learning and development opportunities for Indigenous apprentices to gain a professional qualification.

Establishing a traineeship or apprenticeship

For an outline of process for engaging a trainee or apprentice please refer to the reference documents at the right.

For more information, contact your local Human Resources, or Equity and Diversity, Human Resources Division

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