Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander employment

The Australian National University is committed to further developing the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Employment Strategy to achieve a workforce that is reflective of the Australian population.

The Australian National University Enterprise Agreement 2017-21 sets out the objectives and principles for the operation of the Employment Strategy.

To maximise development opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff, the University has introduced a number of programs.

Indigenous Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Indigenous Postdoctoral Fellowships Program aims to attract talented, recent Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander doctoral graduates across all the academic disciplines of the University.

» Read more about the program.


ANU Indigenous Trainee and Apprentice Program

The ANU Indigenous Trainee Program supports Indigenous trainees to gain a qualification while working at ANU. 

» Read more about engaging Indigenous trainees or apprentices in your work area.


Indigenous Professional Staff Grants Program

The Indigenous Professional Staff Grants Program aims to support the growth in ANU of career pathways for Indigenous professional staff and increase to overall number of continuing Indigenous professional staff employed by the University.

Colleges, Schools and Service Divisions are invited to submit applications for the biannual grant round for initiatives that will support continuing employment and professional development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at ANU.

» Read more about the Indigenous Professional Staff Grants program 

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