HDR supervision annual registration renewal

The Higher Degree Research (HDR) Supervision Annual Registration Renewal process provides an opportunity for HDR supervisors to reflect on their experience and practice, share their learning with colleagues, strengthen their knowledge of particular supervisory topics, and keep up-to-date with policy changes. It is a core element of the HDR Supervision Development Framework.

Annual registration renewal requirements

HDR supervision registration is renewed each calendar year, at any time during that year. Renewal is required for all HDR supervisors who are ANU staff, regardless of supervisory role, and all Panel Chairs and Primary Supervisors who are not ANU staff.

Registration renewal is a three-step process. Each registered HDR supervisor is expected to:

  1. undertake a qualifying renewal activity (time commitment – 60 minutes); and
  2. review the ANU HDR Supervision: Annual Policy and Practice Update (time commitment – 10 minutes); and
  3. complete and submit a HDR Supervision Annual Registration Renewal Form (time commitment – 10 minutes).

Explanatory information

We recognise your time is precious; the registration renewal process is designed to be as helpful to your HDR supervisory practice, and as efficient, as possible. The three-step process can be completed in stages, and within 80 minutes overall.

1) Qualifying renewal activities

A qualifying renewal activity is one that contributes to development of good supervisory practice. These activities are expected to take around 60 minutes.

Recommended qualifying renewal activities are:

  • participating in a local-area HDR Supervision forum or workshop. Most of these will be organised at School, Centre or Institute level by your HDR Convener; some may be organised at College level. Please contact your HDR Convener or Administrator for information about these activities;
  • participating in an ANU-wide HDR Supervision forum or workshop, organised by the HDR Supervision Development Team. The program is available to view on the HDR supervision development workshops webpage;
  • completing at least two chapters of the Supervising Doctoral Studies online resources, which you can access through the ANU HDR Supervision Development Portal. These Wattle-hosted resources (course code: HDRS_Portal) include a tool which suggests chapters most relevant for your level of supervisory experience. Each chapter takes around 30 minutes to complete;
  • working through one of the reflective reading packs, which you can also access through the ANU HDR Supervision Development Portal. Each pack comprises prompt questions for reflection, around five core readings, and suggestions for supplementary resources.
  • training offered by the ANU Respectful Relationships Unit, including the Rights, Relationships and Respect in Research online module.

These qualifying renewal activities are pre-approved by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Graduate Research). Others are possible, but require the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Graduate Research)’s prior approval. Please contact the HDR Supervision Development Team with suggestions or to request the Pro Vice-Chancellor’s approval.

2) ANU HDR Supervision: Annual Policy and Practice Update

The update is a set of slides, available to view on the HDR supervision annual policy and practice update webpage. Links to the source material appear on the same webpage.

Reviewing the slides will take no more than 10 minutes.

3) Completing and submitting the HDR Supervision Annual Registration Renewal Form

The Renewal Form can be completed and submitted within 10 minutes.

Each registered supervisor will receive an individual email invitation to renew their registration in April, with a reminder in October. If you don’t receive your invitation, please check your Clutter and Junk email folders for a message from “ANU HDR Supervision Development Team (hdr.supervision@surveys.anu.edu.au)”.

Each email contains a link to your individual Renewal Form. You should complete your Qualifying Renewal Activity and review the ANU HDR Supervision: Annual Policy and Practice Update before completing the Form.

The Form asks you to confirm that you have completed a Qualifying Renewal Activity and reviewed the ANU HDR Supervision: Annual Policy and Practice Update. It invites you to reflect on your HDR supervisory practice over the past year, and plans to develop your practice over the coming year.

After submitting the Form, you’ll receive a copy for your records. A copy will also be sent to your HDR Convener and College Associate Dean/Director HDR for their information, and for follow-up where appropriate.

The HDR Supervision Development Team will process your renewal. This is a manual process, and may take up to a week. You will then receive an automated ANU HDR Supervisor Registration/Renewal – completed email.


Please refer to the HDR supervision registration and renewal FAQs webpage. If your question isn’t addressed there, email us at hdr.supervision@anu.edu.au.