About the Plan

The Digital Master Plan presents the vision for the University's digital future. It has been established to enable the four key pillars set out within the ANU Strategic Plan 2021-2025 and recognises that digital must become a strategic business capability that supports a vision of digital abundance, agility, inclusivity and equity.

Developed over 18 months, the Digital Master Plan has been informed by significant consultation including a series of workshops (called Art of the Possible) which involved 91 cross functional participants. Each workshop provided invaluable insight into peoples 'lived experience' within the University's current digital environment and their aspirations for our digital future. Ten group personas were created from this work and our students, researchers and staff have told us they expect to interact intuitively and with minimal effort with adaptive technologies.

Achieving the ambitious vision set out within the Digital Master Plan will not be without its challenges. It comes with a need to change not only our digital environment but the way in which we work, study and think. Success will depend on everyone's commitment and contribution to a process of holistic change. We know it is not acceptable to maintain the status quo if we are to achieve the University's strategic goals. We simply must act now.

Underpinned by strong technology governance that will oversee its delivery, the Digital Master Plan plan comprises several key elements. You'll find these outlined within the DMP document map.

The creation of this plan is an example of ANU cooperation at its best. It will now be brought to life and delivered successfully to ensure ANU is set up for the future and able to deliver against our national and global mission.


Digital Master Plan (DMP)