ANU Undergraduate Curriculum Framework

The ANU Undergraduate Curriculum Framework was approved by Academic Board on 29 November 2022. The Framework realises an exciting point of difference for future ANU graduates because it enables students to achieve discipline depth and provides flexibility to contextualise disciplinary knowledge in broader societal contexts. The Framework also embeds three unique ANU Graduate Attributes into every undergraduate course:  

  1. Insight into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ Knowledges and Indigenous Peoples’ Perspectives  
  2. Capability to Employ Discipline-based Knowledge in Transdisciplinary Problem Solving  
  3. Expertise for Critical Thinking  

Approval of this new Framework reflects the hard work of our Associate Deans (Education), student representatives, working groups, reference groups, and over 80 consultation meetings and workshops facilitated by the Academic Portfolio.

View the ANU Undergraduate Curriculum Framework and learn more about the Graduate Attributes.