Blackberry ANU Secure connection guide

  1. From the home screen use the Menu Key and navigate to Manage Connections.
  2. Once inside the connections screen, turn on Wi-Fi by selecting the appropriate check-box.
  3. Now that the Blackberry's Wi-Fi service is on it can start looking for the ANU-Secure network.
  4. Once you have a list of Available Wi-Fi Networks select ANU-Secure.
  5. Enter your login information:
  • Username: Username: University ID (eg. 'u1234567')
  • Password: ANU password

Once you have entered the user name and password you need to select the correct CA Certificate from the list. "QuoVadis Root CA 2" should be in your Blackberry by default. You don't need to fill in any of the other fields, just click Connect. Connecting to the ANU-Secure network should only take a minute if you have everything correct. Save this as a profile if you are going to continue to use the ANU-Secure network. Once you leave the Manage Connections screen you should note two things:

  • The Wi-Fi icon in the top right of the screen and,
  • The words ANU-Secure in the top middle of the screen.