Registering an ANU IP address

Before registering a domain name, you will need to read the DNS naming requirements. In general, IP addresses are issued to Local IT Support Staff (LITSS). The standard procedure of registering an ANU IP address involves sending an email to the Service Desk, which should state the following:

  • The subnet on which the address is required (e.g. or
  • The unique name(s) that is required. Please use lowercase characters when submitting request. NOTE: The underscore (_) character is not permitted in the DNS.
  • The relevant business area (e.g. SDS, RSES, CECS).
  • The equipment type (e.g. PC, Mac, Sun).
  • The operating system (e.g. VISTA, XP, MACOS, OSX, SUNOS, SOLARIS, LINUX).
  • Any aliases (Cnames) required for the machine.
  • Any mail exchange information required for the machine (only for Unix hosts, and the name of the machine that handles mail).