Domain name service

Setting up domain name service (DNS) entails a number of requirements, which include;

A DNS performs a mapping between names and IP addresses for machines using the TCP/IP protocol.

All TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) machines have an individual address or IP number, such as, or This address is used when your computer contacts another computer, which is also using TCP/IP. Because these numbers are difficult for humans to remember, each machine also has an individual name, such as '' or ''. DNS is the method used to match up names to the correct IP number.

Computers on the ANU campus will normally be configured by the Local IT Support Staff (LITSS) to automatically use DNS.

The Australian National University uses the domain name "".

Hosts in the ANU campus have an IP address in one of the following blocks (network locations):

  • Most Hosts on the ANU campus and observatories.
  • Chancelry and
  • 203.0.19.yyy: Addresses at the Northern Australian Research Unit.