ANU name servers

ANU has three nameservers and two NTP (network time protocol) time servers. Further information on using ANU name servers from off-campus is available to read.

ANU has three officially registered nameservers-two of which exist on the Acton campus and one of which exists on the Adelaide University campus. These are:

Nameserver Address Function Primary campus nameserver and master Secondary campus nameserver Offsite nameserver

Some local system managers maintain additional secondary nameservers for their users.

Changes are made on ns1 (nameserver 1), and then automatically propagated to the other campus nameservers. The Adelaide nameserver exists for the convenience of people outside the ANU who need to resolve namservers at the ANU campus when the ANU is unreachable from the outside world.

Network and Communications recommends that you configure all hosts to use the primary and secondary campus nameservers. This will normally provide you with the quickest response time, particularly when the first nameserver is too busy to respond quickly, or there is a problem in the network. Additionally, hosts can also use the offsite name server for maximum redundancy.