Naming requirements

The following principles apply for Internet domain naming and for the allocation of addresses within the University's public IP address space:

The University has licensed the 3rd Level Domain (3LD) which is registered with auDA under the Closed "" 2nd Level Domain (2LD).

The University has been allocated public IP address ranges by APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre) and adheres to APNIC policies and guidelines.

The University allocates IP addresses to the University community and to non-ANU Entities in conformance with APNIC principles of uniqueness, area aggregation, conservation and fairness.

All servers supporting one or more services that are provided by members of the University community, as part of their official functions and as part of the business of the University, must have domain names registered within the domain for each service offered.

Domain names within the domain are to be registered with the University's DNS name server either as a 5th Level Domain name (5LD) or, in some cases, a 4th Level Domain name (4LD) depending on the scope of services being offered.

Budget Unit network connecting devices have domain names allocated at the 5LD in the general form "[hostname].[budget unit identifier]", where a "[budget unit identifier]" can be a College, Research School, Centre or Administration Division identifiers and, where applicable, use generally accepted Internet community conventions, such as "www.[ budget unit identifier]" or "ftp.[ budget unit identifier]".

Wherever possible, the auDA (.au Domain Administration) principle of "first in, first serve" allocation of domain names will be applied by the University's Hostmaster within the domain and other approved domain names.

Approved domain names must conform to auDA's naming rules for unacceptable names and must not contravene trademarks or copyrights.

The University reserves the right to rescind and reuse domain names for new and more appropriate University purposes.