Travelling across campus


Cycling is a simple way to get around the campus. It's fun and fast and ample bike storage facilities means that you can store your bike securely close to your destination.

The campus bicycle fleet provides staff and research students with access to bicycles which can be used for cross-campus travel during the day.  


Unless you have to get from one side of campus to the other in a short time-frame, walking is usually the simplest way to get around campus. Well maintained paths allow for easy, direct routes from one precinct to another. When walking around campus at night, be sure to use the lighted pathways. If you feel uncomfortable take the On Campus On Demand night bus.


Driving across campus is often no faster then walking or cycling.  Parking is also often not available at your destination.

There is also significant pedestrian traffic across the campus. When driving on campus you should always observe the speed limit (40Kph unless otherwise sign-posted) and take care at intersections and pedestrian crossings. You should also take care when driving at night as the University is home to wildlife. Also watch out for students who live in residences located on Daley Road, Mills Road and Childers Street.