Parking options on Acton campus

Permit parking

Parking restrictions apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week unless stated otherwise. Permit, Pay As You Go, Pay&Display (ticket) and time limited zones are in force from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, public holidays excepted.

Parking permits are available to eligible:


  • Staff must work 10 hours or more per week
  • Students must be enrolled full time i.e. be studying more than 18 units
  • Resident students must provide proof of residence at an ANU residential venue
  • Reserved/Authorised parking (blade displays vehicle registration number/s) is limited.  Prior approval by the University Executive is required.
  • Honorary and Emeritus staff must provide proof of their status together with proof they are either supervising students, are the recipient of a research grant or have published at least one research paper with an ANU affiliation in the last twelve months
  • Conference attendees should contact their conference organiser for advice regarding their parking options.

Casual staff and Honorary/Emeritus staff must upload their proof of eligibility letters (word or jpeg) directly to their vPermit application. The letter must be on letterhead from a business manager or department supervisor. For casual staff the letter must include the number of hours worked per fortnight and the duration of their engagement. After this letter has been uploaded to your application please note the permit number and contact the Parking Office via email at and your permit will be activated.

How to apply

If you are eligible for a permit please register and apply for a permit online with your University email account i.e.

If you already have a vPermit account you do not need to re-register. Please Log in to your existing account. If you have forgotten the email address or password please contact the Parking Office on (02)61250179 for assistance.

The minimum period a permit can be purchased for is 90 days.

There is no minimum duration for a staff permit paid for by payroll deduction. Permits cannot however be cancelled if the permit holder will be absent from campus for less than 90 days.

Staff permits purchased via payroll deduction (eligibility criteria apply) will continue until they are cancelled. The fortnightly fee will change on 1 January each year.

If you experience any difficulty please contact the parking office on (02)61250179 or by email


Full-time staff and students (non-residents) may pay for their permit online via payroll deduction or credit card.

All others, including casual staff, may pay for their vPermit by contacting the Parking Office on (02)61250179 or in person at Level 1, Anthony Low Building (#124), Garran Road, ACTON ACT 2601. Payment methods include:

  • Credit card or debit card (AMEX and Diners Club are not accepted)
  • Cheque
  • Cash

How your vPermit works

Your vPermit is managed online at

You may have up to three vehicles registered against your permit but only one vehicle can be nominated as active at any given time. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure the correct vehicle is set as active and that the vehicle registration details are correct when parking on campus.

Licence plate recognition software is used to identify vehicles parked on campus.

Please check the current parking fees.

Where can I park?

  • Staff and student surface permit holders may park in Paid Parking areas. For more information, please refer to the permit holders map, How to park on campus guide (PDF 311KB) and ANU Parking Infringements Guide (PDF 2.8MB).
  • Resident students may apply for a resident vPermit allowing them to park in the resident parking zone for their place of residence on campus. There are a limited number of resident parking spaces and residents will be placed on a waiting list should no spaces be available. It doesn’t mean you will be provided with parking when you are offered a residential place at the university.
  • Parking station vPermit holders may park in the parking station they have purchased a vPermit for e.g. a Baldessin parking station vPermit holder may only park on levels 1-3 of the Baldessin parking station. If required, access to the parking station will be added to your University ID card.
  • Motorcyclists may park in designated motorcycle parking bays or purchase a motorcycle parking space in one of the parking stations on campus.
  • Disability permit holders - Free disability parking is available to drivers with a valid Australian mobility parking permit or an ANU (mobility) disability permit. These parking spaces are clearly signposted. Free ANU mobility permits are available to eligible ANU staff and students from either the Work Environment Group (WEG) for staff or Access and Inclusion (A&I) for students.
    When applying an ANU disability permit please upload the letter from WEG or A&I to your vPermit application (word or jpeg). After you have done this please contact the Parking Office on (02)61250179 or at and your permit will be activated. Should you require a laminated ANU disability parking permit these can be collected from the Parking Office.

Permit cancellation

If you no longer require your permit, log in to your vPermit account, click on My Permits and Request Cancellation.

vPermits paid for by payroll deduction are paid in arrears and no refund will be made.

VPermit holders paying for their vPermit using cash, cheque, credit/debit card or EFTPOS will receive a pro-rata refund for the unused portion of their permit. To obtain this refund please phone (02)61250179 or attend the Parking Office – Level 1, Anthony Low Building (#124), Garran Road, ACTON ACT 2601.

Visitor and contractor/trade vehicle parking

Parking for visitors to the University is available across the Acton campus in Pay As You Go, Pay & Display and time limited zones.

Pay as You Go (PAYG) parking is charged on a minute by minute basis with no minimum time limit. Drivers using PAYG parking must register with CellOPark before parking. You can find more details about how to use CellOPark and how to park on campus in these guides.

It is the driver's responsibility to ensure an active parking session commences when parking on campus and that the correct registration number of the vehicle parking on campus is set as active.

Pay & Display parking is charged at an hourly rate with the minimum period able to be purchased being one (1) hour and the maximum two (2) or three (3) hours. Payment may be made using coins or EFTPOS. A voucher must be purchased and displayed on the vehicle dashboard when parking in these parking zones.

Time Limited parking. There are a small number of free time limited parking zones on campus. The time limit ranges from 5 minutes to two hours, depending on the location.

If unable to find visitor parking on campus you may wish to consider parking in nearby ACT Government paid car parking or in either of the privately operated car parks at City West and 121 Marcus Clarke Street.

Tradesmen working on campus must pay to park using either CellOPark or Pay & Display parking. Please note parking in loading zones is permitted for the time on the sign. If a time limit is not mentioned on the sign, the maximum period a vehicle may park is, in line with the Australian Road Rules, 30 minutes.

Official visitor parking. Some ANU Departments have official visitor parking in proximity to their building. Please contact the department you are visiting to determine if this type of parking is available. If available, visitors are required to obtain a permit from the department and display it on the dashboard of their vehicle.

The official visitor permit must be displayed in the vehicle when it is parked in the designated official visitor bay.

Departmental Official visitor permits are not for use by ANU staff or students.

Parking infringements

Parking infringement notices are issued to vehicles found illegally parked on campus. Further information can be found at Parking Infringements page.

Conditions for parking at ANU

Read Conditions for parking on campus (PDF 81KB) for more information.