Carshare Scheme

    The ANU is excited to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Flexicar (Hertz Aust.) to provide car sharing services to The ANU. This service will commence from late on Friday 16th April 2021.

    Flexicar are committed to the relationship and are providing the same amount of vehicles, at the same locations, across the university.

    Please be aware that new Flexicar membership approval can take up to 48 hours. This is due to a 3rd party check on the licence numbers provied at signup.


    Staff and students are able to sign up via the following procedures:

    Registering with FlexiCar for Personal Use

    Personal use of Flexicar will require you to sign up using your own payment methods (i.e. bank cards).

    Registering with FlexiCar for Business/Corporate Use

    For business/corporate uses of Flexicar, you must receive an invitation email to commence ANU Flexicar services. To receive an invitation, please email providing: your ANU email address; and a General Ledger Code (GLC) for your account.

    Once activated, you will have a new ‘Billing Method’ assigned to your account which you can use for business purposes.

    Please be aware that some sign-ups may trigger an email from Flexicar asking for personal information; this may include:

    • A colour copy of the front and back of your driver's licence
    • A photo of you holding up your driver's licence
    • If you have an International licence, you will need to send a copy of your passport as well
    • If the address on your licence differs to the address on your application, please send a copy to verify your current address. A utility bill or bank statement will suffice.

    This is required by a third-party (such as the Police) to undertake licence checks. If you require any assistance please call our Member Care Team on 1300 36 37 80 or email us at

    Personal Payment Methods within ANU Business subscription

    Staff on the ANU Business Account may access the superior ANU Business Rates when using personal method of payment such as a credit card.

    To do so, first add your card details (for personal use) under ‘Payment Methods’ in the main menu; when prompted to choose a plan you will need to contact the UPCO Contracts Team to manually add you to the service.

    Change of Work Area

    If you are moving to a new area of business at ANU, or if your area of business is updating General Ledger Codes; you must notify ANU Contracts office of an update to your account GLC, at

    Existing FlexiCar Members

    If you are an existing Flexicar member, to use the ANU Payment Method you must be part of ANU Staff and receive an invitation email. To receive an invitation, please email providing: your ANU email address; and a General Ledger Code (GLC) for your account.

    You can still make bookings using your personal payment method by simply selecting the appropriate payment method on the Booking Summary page when making your reservation.


    Bookings can be made via Flexicar app, or on their webpage

    Please be sure to assess the vehicle for damages before your journey begins, and report to Flexicar hotline on 1300 36 37 80 if any damages (i.e. scratches, dents, etc) are noticed on the vehicle. It is recommended that you take photos to send if required.

    You no longer need a fob to access Carshare vehicles; simply use the PIN provided by Flexicar, and unlock the car via the windscreen PINpad. All you need for your journey should be kept in the driver’s side door well.

    To lock/unlock the car during your journey, simply use the provided keys, or type in your PIN again using the windscreen PINpad.

    Please note, all vehicles must be returned with at least a quarter of a tank full of fuel; instructions are kept in the driver’s side door well. The fuel type should be marked on the fuel card; if you are still unsure which fuel to use, please call the Flexicar hotline before proceeding.

    Be sure to return all peripherals to the driver’s side door well at the end of your booking.

    Bookings can be extended by 15minute intervals using the Flexicar app (if the car is not already booked by another user), or by calling the Flexicar hotline.


    Rates are inclusive of registration, maintenance, servicing, cleaning, insurance, fuel, account management and reporting, 24/7 customer care and roadside assist.

    • Standard accidental damage excess: $1200
    • Accidental Damage Excess for drivers aged under 21: $1500
    • Accidental Damage Excess on Commercial Vehicles: $3000

    Flexicar’s fees are as follows:

    Detail Hourly Daily
    Joining Fee $0.00 $0.00
    Standard Vehicle $9.95 $65.00
    Hybrid Standard Vehicle $9.95 $65.00
    SUV $11.95 $72.50
    Commercial $12.95 $85.00
    KMs Included Unlimited 150
    Excess KM's N/A $0.25 per KM



    Registration Make Model                    Name
    YOU-17R HYUNDAI I30H Neve
    YOU-14R HYUNDAI I30H Maeve
    YOU-16R HYUNDAI I30H Elka
    YOU-15R HYUNDAI I30H Kai
    YOU-01R HYUNDAI I30H Rani
    YOU-18R HYUNDAI I30H Charlie
    YOU-12R HYUNDAI I30H Patch
    YOU-10R HYUNDAI I30H Crib
    YOD-27J HYUNDAI I30H Elsa


    Who to Contact

    For more information contact Flexicar directly on 1300 36 37 80, or the University carshare team at

    For queries relating to the agreement between the University and Flexicar, please contact