Carshare Scheme

    The ANU agreement with Flexicar (Hertz Australia) to provide car sharing services to The ANU commenced 16 April 2021.

    Flexicar are committed to the relationships ANU has established in the ACT market and are providing the same amount of vehicles, at the same locations, across the university campus; their service coverage also extends nationally.

    Initial Flexicar membership activation can take up to 48 hours due to 3rd-party check on licence numbers.


    Please see Instructions for Registering a new ANU Account with Flexicar detailed below. You must request Unique Email Invitation Link to access ANU Rates.


    ANU Parking and other council parking fees still apply – you must pay for your own public parking where signed – Flexicar vehicles each have a parking permit for their original pod location only; see ‘Fleet on Campus’ section below.



    Registering with Flexicar for Business/Corporate Use

    For business/corporate use of Flexicar, you must apply via email to receive unique invitation link to join:

    1. Email in order to generate your unique link to ANU Business Rates, providing:

    a. email address for the new Driver;

    b.  GLC (for Flexicar Travel Expense); and

    c.  ≥220.2 Delegate Approval (“≥$10k Services”) [e.g. email/signature below/attached to request]

    d.  Business Unit/Division (typically provided in your email signature)

    1. UPCO will then verify and Generate a Unique Email Invitation Link for you to sign up to the ANU Business Rate Plan.

    a.  Once activated, you will have an ANU ‘Billing/Payment Method’ assigned to your account, which you can use for business purposes.

    b.  Not receiving email notifications? Please check/refresh your Junk Folder

    If you have linked an ANU Purchase Card as “Payment Method” it must be removed immediately. ANU Purchase Cards are NOT approved for use with Flexicar as there is centralised, consolidated invoicing of all Flexicar Business Travel expenses; Purchase Card receipting is therefore an unnecessary and costly overhead for the ANU under these contract arrangements.


    Registering with Flexicar for Personal Use

    Personal use of Flexicar will require you to sign up using your own payment methods (i.e. bank cards); you must be already registered under ANU Business Rate Plan or you will not receive special ANU Rates.

    If you are already registered as a Driver on the ANU Business Rate Plan, you will require separate additional ≥220.2 Delegate Approval (“≥$10k Services”) in order to add your own ‘Personal Payment Method’:

    1. In the Flexicar App, you can add your card details (for personal use) under ‘Payment Methods’ in the main menu;
    2. When prompted to choose a plan you will need to email

    a. The ANU Staff Rate Plan is not publicly listed; UPCO and Flexicar must manually verify and link you to the rates;

    b.Further Delegate Approval required in order to link Personal Payment Method (while retaining ANU Payment Method).

    Alternatively, public commercial plans are available via Flexicar directly, under Flexicar’s terms and conditions; these are not linked to ANU contract arrangements or special rates.

    Students without an appropriate GLC for Travel Expenses and/or ANU Delegate to approve, are recommended to sign-up to commercial rate plans; see FAQs.


    Considerations when Registering

    Please be aware that some sign-ups may trigger an email from Flexicar asking for personal information; this may include:

    • A colour copy of the front and back of your driver's licence
    • A photo of you holding up your driver's licence
    • If you have an International licence, you will need to send a copy of your passport as well
    • If the address on your licence differs to the address on your application, please send a copy to verify your current address. A utility bill or bank statement will suffice.

    This is required by a third-party (such as the Police) to undertake licence checks.

    Please follow all emailed information (links and steps to activate your account); you can call Flexicar Member Care Team any time to follow-up any requirements/status to activate.

    If you require any assistance please call Flexicar Member Care Team on 1300 36 37 80 or email Please also review FAQs.


    Change of Work Area or GLC

    If you are moving to a new area of business at ANU, or if your area of business is updating General Ledger Codes:

    You must notify ANU UPCO of any changes to your Driver GLC, or employment status at ANU, via




    March 2023 service improvements via Mobile App;
    System outages to be expected in March as Flexicar upgrade to new systems.

    Everything you need to know about the new Flexicar experience and roll out can be found in FAQ’s. Your question isn’t answered? No worries, please contact Flexicar team for more information.

    Registration to ANU Business Travel accounts is via invitation-only; see above instructions – DO NOT Reigstrer via public website for access to ANU Rates.

    Bookings can be made via Flexicar app, or on their webpage

    Please fine Reference documents linked in sidebar on this page, for PDF guides "How to make bookings on a Flexicar business account" and "How to register and make bookings on a Flexicar business account".

    1. Assess the vehicle for damages before your journey begins, and report to Flexicar hotline on 1300 36 37 80 if any damages (i.e. scratches, dents, etc) are noticed on the vehicle. It is recommended that you take photos to send if required.
    2. You no longer need a fob to access Carshare vehicles; simply use the App to remotely un/lock, or unlock the car via the windscreen PINpad code provided by Flexicar bookings online or over the phone.
    3. Ignition keys (where required), fuel card, and guidebook, and all you need for your journey should be kept in the driver’s side door well; please check all door and console boxes for items you require.
      1. SAFETY: You may be unfamiliar with vehicle make/mode, or other drivers settings; check mirrors, new dashboard, indicators, windscreen de-fog before driving.
      2. KEYS: To lock/unlock the car during your journey, you may use physical keys kept inside the vehicle, remote un/lock via App, or type in your PIN again using the windscreen PINpad.
    4. All vehicles must be returned with at least a quarter (1/4) tank full of fuel; instructions are kept in the driver’s side door well. The fuel type should be marked on the fuel card; if unsure which fuel to use, please call Flexicar hotline before proceeding.
    5. Be sure to return all accessories/keys to the driver’s side door well at the end of your booking.

    Bookings can be extended by 15minute intervals using the Flexicar app (if the car is not already booked by another user), or by calling the Flexicar hotline; preventing over-use charges.

    ANU and other parking fees still apply – you must pay for your own public parking where signed, including ANU Campus.

    Keep receipts for Business Travel. Flexicar’s have a permit for their original pod location only.


    Fuel card PIN

    Each fuel card requires a four digit PIN. If the car registration contains:

    • Three numbers The PIN is 3, followed by the car’s three registration numbers

    • Two numbers The PIN is 33, followed by the car’s two registration numbers


    Rates are inclusive of registration, maintenance, servicing, cleaning, insurance, fuel, account management and reporting, 24/7 customer care and roadside assist.

    Flexicar’s fees are as follows:

    Detail Hourly Daily
    Joining Fee $0.00 $0.00
    Standard Vehicle $9.95 $65.00
    Hybrid Standard Vehicle $9.95 $65.00
    SUV $11.95 $72.50
    Commercial $12.95 $85.00
    KMs Included Unlimited 150
    Excess KM's N/A $0.25 per KM
    • Standard accidental damage excess: $1200
    • Accidental Damage Excess for drivers aged under 21: $1500
    • Accidental Damage Excess on Commercial Vehicles: $3000


    Fleet on Campus

    Flexicar vehicles each have a parking permit for their original pod location only;
    ANU Parking and other council parking fees still apply – you must pay for your own public parking where signed, including ANU Campus; Keep receipts for Business Travel.

    Contravening Flexicar vehicles will be issued a Parking Infringement Notices to the Driver.

    Parking fees and fines will not be covered by Flexicar or ANU; the corresponding Driver booking will be held liable.
    If a pod location is compromised and you are unable to park in accordance with signage, you must immediately report it to ANU Parking Office (or the relevant parking authority); it is recommended that you take photo evidence, else infringements may apply.








    Toyota Rav 4

    Acton - ANU Lennox Crossing Car Park



    Toyota Corolla

    Acton - ANU RSES car park Mills Road



    Toyota Corolla

    Acton - ANU RSES car park Mills Road



    Toyota Corolla

    Acton - ANU Building 53 Garran Road



    Hyundai i30

    Acton - ANU Building 53 Garran Road



    Toyota Hiace

    Acton - ANU Building 53 Garran Road



    Toyota Rav 4

    Acton - ANU Coombs Car Park



    Toyota Corolla

    Acton - ANU Coombs Car Park



    Hyundai i30

    Acton - ANU Ellery Crescent near Chancelry Building



    Hyundai Kona

    Acton - ANU Burton and Garran Resident Car Park



    Hyundai i30

    Acton - ANU Birch Building Car park



    Hyundai i30

    Acton - ANU Geology Close Car Park



    Hyundai i30

    Acton - ANU Hancock Library



    Toyota Rav 4

    Acton - ANU Hancock Library



    Hyundai i30

    Acton - ANU Guilfoyle Place car park



    Toyota Corolla

    Acton - ANU Kingsley Place car park



    Toyota Rav 4

    Acton - ANU Kingsley Place car park



    Hyundai i30

    Acton - ANU School of Art & Design



    Toyota Hiace

    Acton - ANU School of Art & Design



    Nissan X Trail

    Acton - ANU School of Art & Design


    Who to Contact

    For on-campus hazards caused by Flexicar, please notify providing Rego and Location details for the vehicle requiring attention. ANU Security has admin-access card, and will log matters for to resolve.


    For parking issues, or if a pod location is compromised and you are unable to park in accordance with signage, you must immediately report it to ANU Parking Office (or the relevant parking authority) providing Rego and Location; it is recommended that you take photo evidence, else infringements notices may apply for incorrectly parked Flexicar vehicles.

    Flexicar have setup a direct priority contact number for ANU Staff to contact the Flexicar Member Care team in Melbourne to ensure faster response time.

    The phone number is: 1300 924 942 and this will be operational Monday-Friday 9am to 6pm.

    At all other times please contact Flexicar directly on 1300 36 37 80.

    For queries relating to the agreement between the University and Flexicar, initial registration of ANU Driver accounts, or if ANU Security is unavailable, please contact