On 20 December 2019 e-scooters were included in the ACT Government’s (Access Canberra) definition of a personal mobility device (PMD).

To ensure individual safety and the safety of staff, students and visitors to Acton campus, please ensure you comply with the ACT Government requirements regarding personal mobility devices.

Where can I use a PMD on Acton Campus?

  • Footpaths
  • Shared paths
  • Bicycle paths

What am I NOT permitted to do on Acton Campus?

  • Do not travel on roads
  • Do not travel on bicycle lanes
  • Do not park in parking bays
  • Do not enter a building while riding the PMD

From Monday 12 July the Acton campus will be geo-fenced to ensure the safety of riders and campus users. The new maximum speed limit for e-scooters will be 15kph.

Please contact ANU Transport if you would like to organise access to a storage enclosure on campus.

For further information please visit the ACT Government webpage.