Purchasing a bike

If you are after a second-hand bike, please check the Recyclery on the corner of Lennox Crossing and Lawson Crescent.

Bicycle enclosures on campus

The campus has over forty enclosures with enough storage for more than 2000 bikes. The best way to find out about bicycle shelters on campus is to look under ‘outdoor facilities’ on ANU maps. To gain access to a bicycle enclosure contact the Transport Office.

Cycle around campus - use a Timely Treadly

The Timely Treadly program provides staff and postgraduate students with access to a bicycle for travel around campus. More than 100 bicycles are housed in various parts of the ANU campus. Contact the Transport Office for more information.

Low cost bicycle gear

The ANU Parking Office located in the Anthony Low Building #124 sells bicycle lights, helmets and locks at cost.

Bicycle security

Keep your bicycle secure by:

  • Locking the frame and both wheels of your bicycle to a hoop using heavy duty lock or chain.
  • Locking your bicycle even if it's inside an enclosure.
  • Keeping a record of your bicycle's details. Record the serial number, make and model of the bike and take a photo.

Take your bike home at night and on weekends. Bicycle hoops and enclosures are not to be used as storage facilities. Bikes that are regularly left overnight on campus attract thieves.

If your bicycle is stolen contact ANU Security on 6125 2249.

How to sell or donate your bike

Many bikes in perfect working condition are abandoned on campus each year. There are many ways to sell or donate your bike such as:

  • Donating your bike to the Recyclery located on campus. The Recyclery is a not-for-profit business that employs people with a disability to repair bikes for resale.
  • GumtreeeBay and Facebook Marketplace are great ways to sell or give your unwanted bike away.

Road rules

ACT road rules apply on campus which means all cyclists must wear a helmet. If you are involved in a car or bike crash, slip or fall, it's important that you contact ANU Security on 6125 2249.